How Close Am I To Harvest? (Tricome Pictures Included)

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    I am only at 41 days of 12/12, but I'm seeing a lot of amber tricomes on the sugar leaves.  This is C-99 so it's known as a fast finisher, but I'm not sure how to gauge how much time I have left. 
    Can someone help me out?  This is my first grow.   I want to maintain the sativa effects of this bud, so I don't want to harvest too late.
    Far enough along for a taster?
    Leaf tric's:

    Bud tricomes:

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    Looks like your right on track. Sugar leaves are fools gold as they always turn amber first. Your actual bud trichomes are looking 50-50 clear and cloudy. This would not be an indication of harvesting. Also your buds are still producing as you can see new white hairs forming.

    Great pictures by the way how did you take them so well?
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    Ok thanks.  Is it time to start flushing?
    The pictures are with a 1:1 macro lens and a high megapixel camera.  I bought a pocket microscope, but it was way too frustrating to use.  This turned out to be much easier.
  4. very very nice!  :hippie:
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    There is no need to flush , but i would stop giving them nutrients from now , and let the bud sites use the nutrients in the leafs since its getting closer to harvest. plus unless its an auto strain u need to flower for at least 55 days , recommended in my grow times id do 60-70 if possible. 
    so u really dont have to go by all these amber scale or whatever its pretty basic , minimum is 55 days for any normal strain . any day after this in theory u could harvest and ud get a great smoke, the buds dont start to really thicken up until the after the first month. so over the next 2-3 weeks they will increase at least 25% more dense if not more.
    Point is dont rush it , uve put all this time and effort unto making it right , dont be impatience and mess up what could be really juicy thick buds.  
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    I have noticed in a few strains that if you keep your light cycle at 12 hours in the final week they will still throw new growth. OP, you appear to have a week or two left, and your plant is about to start to swell(my favorite part and also the stage that makes me impatient). I would start your flush soon if you are on a heavy feed regiment. If you are feeding in low doses I would just start watering with plain water as TK said.. Your plants are ready when a majority of your pistils have changed color and start to recede into the calyx; I won't even pull my scope out until I see this.

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