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  1. THis is my girl . Ihave no clue what strain she is but its day 72 of 12/12, wonderin if im lookin at still another 1,2, or 3 weeks till chop? And yes yes im aware of the poor state the upper leaves are in, i switched from a 150w hps to a 400w hps n they got scorched in the process in week 5

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  2. I personally would give them another week.  they're looking nice and dense. :)
  3. At least another week. Maybe longer. Still plenty of white hairs. Get a pocket microscope. Problem solved for 10 bucks. Instead of having people guess your finish date
  4. my microscope doesnt work on your pictures but i would say a week. If you get on just check to see if the trichs are amber or foggy. If theyre clear and small they are not done at all. if theyre amber and foggy cut before you get groggy. 
  5. I have a microscope and i always seem to harvest it early, thats why im seeking the opinions of others. I have been at this for a little over a year and i have yet to successfully harvest any bud that looks anything like the pictures i see of other peoples shit. Everyones like look at the trichs but i swear thats a wrong indication with this strain i have! Ive waited for amber trichs and the dam thing still puts out white pistils so fuck the trichs, i want opinions, over a year obviously im having some issues that i need OUTSIDE help with that a dam microscope cant help with
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    If you're looking for potency, your best option is an 85% cloudy - 10% amber - 5% clear trichome harvest (are you SURE you're seeing cloudy and not clear? is your microscope powerful enough?) or slightly heavier amber concentration if its a heavy hitting indica.
    Usually around the same time your pistils should be at least 50-80% darkened, but that can be very strain dependent, so it isn't a very good indicator. Neither is time spent flowering, nor any other method. The only thing that is going to tell you your potency is your trichome coloration. And that can be explained by science.
    Very simply put, clear = undeveloped cannabinoid precursors, cloudy = activated THC, amber = THC breaking down into CBD.
    If you're after THC, the microscope is your most reliable option.
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    Get the one that is illuminated or Somethjng it shows better colors.

    When checking trichomes put the microscope on the sides of the buds and make sure it's on the buds not the sugar leaves, the trichomes on sugar leaves turn amber early.

    I do it like this

    First they are clear, then clear cloudy, then cloudy clear, the cloudy clear amber, then cloudy amber clear, then amber cloudy, then amber.

    Those are generally how the trichomes change over time in color. I would harvest at cloudy amber.

    Also check multiple top colas not just one.

    Hope this helps good luck.
  8. what's the difference between clear cloudy and cloudy clear...? you confused me there
  9. Meaning majority clear at first. It's just how I ordered them. Clear- cloudy (just started to turn from all clear to a little cloudy) cloudy- clear (majority cloudy with a little clear)
  10. The trick is... Not to cut it down. :eek:
    Put very basically:
    A clear trichome is full of undeveloped precursor cannabinoids, (does not get you high)
    A cloudy trichome is full of activated THC (gets you high)
    An amber trichome is full of CBD (THC breaks down into CBD). (counteracts head-high, increases body-high/medicinal properties).
    For sativa/hybrids, harvest as close to 100% cloudy trichomes as possible. (Note that older nodes will mature before newer nodes, so many of the oldest nodes will have amber trichs by the time the plant has a majority of cloudy trichs). Be sure to check the entire plant top to bottom.
  12. Thanks for stepping up with the info, i do think i have been looking at the sugar leaves
  13. Currently my trichs are still this normal for day 74?????

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    I'm close too day 71 for me. I'm going till 75-78 days I still have cloudy clear trichs. Fyi I have indica dominate plants. I am also using a 400w HPS.
  15. Im pretty sure mine are sativa dominant just based on the leaves and im also usong a 400w hps

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  16. Here i am day 77, looks like my pistils are mostly brown, trichs are. Clear/ thinkin another week to chop?
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  17. Looking good what is that a scrog set up? Looks like buds are foxtailing (buds forming on top of buds) I would keep waiting until you see some amber if no amber keep waiting it will be worth it.
  18. Not exactly a screen, its a shelf i let them grow into in my closet but its serving the same purpose, this wait is painful

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    Smoking premature bud is even more painful. Just think if you harvest early it will be the "dude this weed sucks and I'm not high" kinda bud no matter what it lOoks like. In the future get a strain you know. Wait for amber though! Do you have pics of whole plant vs bud shots?

    Also most strains finish in 9-11 weeks so yours maybe a 11-14 week strain just keep waiting cloudy amber IMO
  20. i would chop now i can see hermie naners all over that bud. plus they look past peek harvest time

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