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How clean is your weed?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by clinton, May 4, 2007.

  1. Many people report becomming ill or distressed after smoking MJ. Has anyone considered that the MJ may be contaminated with pesticide residues, bugs, mold, etc.

    This is a major reason to grow your own. Black market dealer dont care about your health - just sales.

    Any comments?


  2. what you said....grow your own.
  3. even growing my own depending on strain i have somtimes felt that way after smoking, but yes you're right.. dealers will spray your shit with raid bug killer or anything to throw it a kick in hopes that you'll buy from them again and not think they're selling you shitty brick weed when they usually are.

  4. sad, sad, sad....
  5. my weed is always "clean" and i buy from dealers.

    my old dealer used to turn down weed because it wasn't good enough, so i don't know who you guys have bought from.....but all of my dealers are interested in the best weed they can find, not their sales.
  6. im sure there somewhat concerned about selling it, being there dealers. ;)

    my dealer also turns weed down, but if theres a drought people get desprate if thats there only income. its really up to everyone to turn down a bad product. it will rid the crap, and keep the good around.
  7. i've offered the guy who i'm buying from now a connection with cheap midgrade weight and he said he didn't want it. though he could sell it easily he doesn't want it.

    it's good to be known by your customers as a dealer with a constant supply of great weed. none of my dealers sell anything but dank.

    i've turned down bags too.

    i don't like smoking shitty bud, even some dank is just chemically or grown wrong and it's not even worth it to me.

    luckily i've got a very reliable source of good bud....and lately the prices have been moderate!
  8. All general statements have exceptions, you have a good dealer. But what Im talking about is weed that looks and smells great and is very potent - looks good to the senses. The stuff Im talking about are things like AVID (a miteacide) and other chemicals used by growers to control insects, molds, etc. AVID is safe in veg but not flower. If you do not know the grower you have no clue what you consume. I am a grower - I always disclose the way the medicine was grown, what fertilizers, what additives, what floiar sparys and dates of applications. I also advize everyone to use a 30x power magifier and look at the stuff thats hard to see being so tiny.

    Its your body and its wrong for anyone to provide MJ which has questionable additives without telling that person the whole truth. You have to decide.

  9. :hello:
  10. I was reading a thread on (canadian mmj site). Several people report weed that had small crytals of either sand or maybe magnisium sulphate. I guess its to make the bag weigh more. If you ever get dirty weed, tell the dealer. Dont by crap. Anyway - this is a big reason to grow your own medicine.


  11. beleive me, they are interested in their sales more than anything else. especially if you get in on the streets. if your taking a risk of getting locked up, your going to care about the sales...yeah they might not ever get bad shit which is a good thing, but the reason why they only fuck with the good shit, is because the good shit sells it self. which = MORE SALES

  12. Yeah sand/glass grands and metal shards are used to add weight to bud and it's extremely hazardous to the lungs (that's already been brought up here and is well known now, so it hopefully can be prevented to continue happening)

    You bring up a good point, no one knows about their grow than the grower, some people are all in it for the money rather than being safe. But not everyone has the opportunity to grow their own.
  13. Reports from Canada and the EU countried about contaminated weed. It seesm the growers spray powered glass and fine sand onto the fresh growing buds. This stuff sparkels. It adds weight to the buds - a lot of weight - 10 grams of bud weigh 30 grams after treatment. Then the buds are sprayed with hair spray to hold the crap on the buds. People have gotton ill and some hopitalized.

    Use only medical grade weed. Its clean and the real thing.

  14. definitely ... which is why i started growing my own
    My last crop was all organic ... couldn't really tell much difference in the taste or quality but still, it's nice knowing what's in the stuff I'm smoking.


  15. This is why I never buy off the streets, only from name dealers.

    This is also why you should know your product inside out; many inexperienced smokers might not know what to look/smell for.

    Hash is the worst culprit. If you are being asked to pay under 250 bucks (around 500 quid) for an oz, it is almost certainly contaminated.... People just don't realise A) how easy it is to do and how hard to detect and B) just how much work goes into making real hashish, and that the real thing is worth the money.
  16. been using my dealer for 6 months, but he was introduced from a very stable and trustworthy friend that's used him for years.

    all of the supply is organic and top notch stuff, but I do pay for it at 120 a quarter.

    but he tells me the strain - describes the high - and only this last buy did he tell me the stuff wasn't as strong as what I'm used to. It's still good clean powerful bud, but just not as great as usual

    much rather continue to buy from him when he's being straight about the product than somebody else who won't communicate and isn't an enthusiast, but just out to make cash, period.

  17. If the difference in weight is that large I'm sure any buyer would immediately notice it.

    I'm always slightly skeptical when I have to buy bud since a few times I've had people try to sell me moldy weed. I grow my own when I can but there are still some gaps between when I go dry and harvest.

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