how can you tell the sex of a SEED

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by doindia, May 29, 2006.

  1. hey guys just like the title says, i know how to tell sex of a growing plant, but for like those of you who buy special seeds of that good shit and spend like 50 bucks for 10 seeds, how do those people know which are female?
  2. You don't. You have to flower them and depending on the strain after a week or two you'll be able to tell. If you browse through the first page of posts you'll get more info about this. If you buy feminized seeds then they will be mostly female but its still not %100
  3. ^Exactly.

    If you could tell females from looking at the seeds, why would there be so many discussions of what to do with male plants?
  4. that would be great if you could tell by looking at the seed.
  5. i didnt think you could but i was just making sure because it seems like you could pay 50 bucks and get 1 or 2 females out of it, highly doubtful but def possible

    just wondering, thanks

  6. so my question is, exactly what DO you do w/ male plants?
  7. Yes that's possible but the odds are against it. Or you could go with feminized seeds, which I think are well worth it.
  8. Trash them. Make hash out of them. Use them to pollinate females in a controlled fashion to have your own seeds.
  9. you grow them

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