How can you tell Kill from Reg?

Discussion in 'General' started by Brendonisblazed, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hey guys P:
    So,last weekend I smoked some kill. I forgot the name of it. But it WAS kill,I know from the high. But it smelled kind of like reg? I know some kill has different smells,like blueberry,and all kinds of smells. But this particular kind smelled like reg. It didn't smell EXACTLY like reg,but it was pretty close to it. How can you tell the difference from visual views,or smell.
  2. kill? some slang I havent heard of
    but no there's no way to tell by looking at it or smelling it

    I've smoked weed that loooked dank as fuck, but wasn't too good, and vice versa...but dirt weed you can usually tell
  3. smell isn't really a good indicator, I've seen schwag that smells like dank..

    the best way is to just smoke it.

    or you could look for the little trichomes, but even that can be inconsistent
  4. I've had some fire ass weed that looked like regs before, I've had some fire ass weed that smelled like regs, I've had some fire ass weed that didn't smell at all.

    If it looks something like this it's probably pretty good though
  5. ah yes i can tell ur not a complete noob who ask how you can you tell just kill from reg. ull find weed that looks like killer and might not get you that high but you could also have weed that looks or smells like regs but get you quite high. one thing i do is to look at the stems are they small or big do they bend or bend slightly and snap, but thats just one factor you will get the hang of it the more weed you try

  6. In Louisiana,kill is like,.. First 2 hits,maybe 3. You're super fucked up. Lol. I know reg has a spicy smell to it, and this type did smell like reg. But it wasn't,I could tell from the first few hits lol.
  7. if it's hairy and/or full of crystals you can be pretty sure it will fuck you up.

  8. This one has hairs atleast a half a centimeter to a centimeter long,and tons of crystals.
  9. things like looks and smell can give you a good idea, but nothing will be able to let you know for sure.. I've seen some dank looking reg and I've seen some schwag looking dank.

    Just gotta light it up and see for yourself.

  10. I wanna be able to tell from the bag if it's kill or not though. Cause' people in Louisiana like to rip people off. I'm not bout that. I've learned that some kill doesn't have crystals,or hairs.
  11. the thing is, good weed and bad weed share a lot of the same looks/smells, there are just so many different strains out there, so the best you can do is make a good educated guess

  12. Alright,thanks P:

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