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How can you tell if your weed is tainted?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Regnes, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. I was just wondering, how exactly can one tell his marijuana has been tainted with and it's not just marijuana they're smoking?
    I've been smoking this one batch from a relatively new dealer of mine. This one honestly feels kind of subpar, I get good highs, but they don't last nearly as long as that level of highness should last. In the mornings the past 5 days I've honestly felt sick, and I'm a guy that has a really amazing immune system. When I get sick like this, I usually conclude I must have ingested a toxin directly. Perhaps an unclean cutting board, or some food that got sprayed with cleaning chemicals and then prepared without being washed, it happens.
    But now I'm looking at this current batch of mediocre weed and started wondering, just how do I know this hasn't been tainted with something? Are there ways of telling just using plain observation? Smell, taste, feel, smoke darkness/lightness, etc...?
    I'll actually admit, I suspect he has a cat that knocked over his supply and tore into it due to addiction. (Some animals respond to weed quite strongly, my cat accidentally got a good whiff and now everytime I light up he wants in on that lol.) I keep finding 1 or 2 cat hairs after I finish packing a bowl. At first I thought it was my cat's hair since they were both white and black mixes. However, I always wash my hands before packing a bowl, and I always inspect my pipe for residue and never see the hairs before filling it up. So basically, his cat knocked it all over the place and rolled in it or something, and maybe came into contact with something in his probably filthy room.

  2. Step 1: It's not
  3. If it glows rainbows and there are elves fighting over it. :cool:
  4. i had tainted weed once..
    i think that's where they put it when smuggling it across the border.
    it smelled sweaty..
  5. Damn drug addict pussy
  6. I had strain that smelled strongly sweaty

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    it was probably "tainted"
  8. Yes for sure. I still see purple elephants flying everywhere after months

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  9. Your part of the problem. Instead let's help him get over this horrific disease.

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