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How can you tell if your weed is potent or you just have low tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by throwaway7879, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Well basically, the weed which I've been getting from this new dealer gets me high as fuck in so small amounts its crazy.
    I smoke a couple times a month probably (not heavily) and my old dealer's weed used to get me high after a bowl, which I thought was pretty normal. This new guy though, fuck, I think it's Lemon haze since it smells citrus-ish and has yellow hairs, this guy is known for haze's. Anyway i got really really high off of one big hit? This isnt normal for me as I can normally smoke for a while before I have to stop, but this was different!
    Idk but I did'nt enjoy it necause of this, and especially since sativas generally make me restless which I really don't like so anyways left the fuckin baggie on a wheelie bin because I'm clever :hello: and yeah was wondering whether my tolerance is really low or if this stuff is killer :smoking:
  2. Lol well I think your stoned.

    Since you answered the question your self.

    You old dealers stuff got you high of a bowl.

    This stuff did not get you high of a bowl, since it's potent.
  3. Smoking twice a month will never get you a tolerance lol. You could try having a heavy toker smoke it, or put up some pics of it for the forum to judge.
  4. I'm a light to moderate smoker. I usually go most of day before smoking. First smoke of the day I can hit the bowl or the hitter twice and I'm good(kush). The next time I smoke on the same day it takes much more to achieve that same buzz.
    Also, I've noticed that if I smoke the same strain for a few weeks or more it seems to lose it's potency.
    Sometimes, for me anyway, a change up is necessary. Smoke different strains, change the way I smoke, ect..

    I'd say the cannabis you were getting from your previous guy was low quality.
  5. the haze guy sounds like he's got the goods
    its the dank that makes you 1 hit quit
  6. You should be able to find your tolerance-level by smoking two or three puffs of schwag.

    If you're blazed out your mind after smoking that small amount of low grade then you definitely have a low tolerance.
  7. Post some pictures!

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