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How can you tell if you have seeds?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmokingRookie, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I've always wanted to know but how would you know if you have seeds in your baggie or bud? Can you show me some pics?
  2. Uh, you'd see the seeds? :confused:
  3. Yeah but can you show me some bud with seeds in it?
  4. Google images, "marijuana seeds". Nobody is going to be able to do better than that for you.
  5. Good grief, you are 18 and never have seen seedy weed? :eek: You living in a cave or something?

  6. I haven't seen seeds but I only pick up eighths of dank... Maybe if I picked up ounces i would see seeds? Or if i got mids?

  7. For the five years that I've been smoking, I have never had a bag with a seed in it, at all.

  8. I never have seeds in my bag, which wouldn't be a bad thing, but I just wanna know how you can tell if it's bud and seed.
  9. The same way you read these responses, with a pair of eyeballs.


    There are some seeds. It's kind of obvious what's a seed and what's not.
  11. I try to get seeds out of my shitty bud and when I smoke it I still hear popping sounds from time to time :confused_2: if you wanna get the seeds out you'll have to grind it and look with a magnifying glass, cuz I can never seem to find them all :laughing:
  12. Grind with the seeds in the weed? :eek:

    You need to clean your weed better.... I have not had a seed in years but I would never grind it before removing seeds. You are going to grind up some seeds and you will never find all the pieces.

    PRO-TIP... Back in my day we just used to tear/cut the weed apart pretty well and put it on a tray. Then tip the tray at an angle and with a playing card sift through the weed. The seeds and any bud not cleaned well enough will slide to the bottom of the tray. It's not that hard.
  13. I've only had one seed, I let my friend use my grinder while I was there, we were all pretty high during this, the next day there was a little bud left in my grinder and a seed :D I was ecstatic upon finding it. The bud was dank and smoked well so I was surprised to find a seed.

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