how can you tell if a chick is a virgin?

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  1. i hooked up with this chick a few days ago and i think she might be a virgin. i only got to third base tho. why do i think this? well, when we were making out, she wasn't that great at it. i want to say my tongue was doing all the work. and when i was fingering her, she was pretty tight. my two fingers barely got up in there. its just perplexing to find a college girl thats still a virgin, correct me if im wrong. im not saying being a virgin is bad, i just think that sooooo many girls are just too horny which is why i think almost every girl i meet is not a virgin (especially at my age). what confuses me was that i thought she was a freak, so i was expecting some fucking awesome sex. when i started touching her below the waist, she was loving it, but i guess she felt uncomfortable and said she wanted to slow down. i think this chicks a virgin :p. what do you guys think? any tips on spotting virgins? lol
  2. Usually a virgin is very tight.
  3. inspect her hymen.
  4. Her being tight could have a lot to do with her being nervous and you not turning her on enough. As a woman becomes more relaxed her vaginal canal lengthens and loosens.

    The only way to know if she's a virgin or not, is to ask. Hymens are broken without sex.
  5. nobody is a virgin these days lol
  6. ^^^ 2 posts above lol Thats true. (they hymen thing. ) I broke mine from martial arts. its was quite embarrassing. And someone can be tight without being a virgin. Im not and its a little difficult to use two fingers. Honestly just wait for her to bring it up. Thats kind of a personal question. If you were in a relationship its one thing but if you are just hooking up then i would say thats a little rude. Besides maybe she just didnt want to fuck you . A lot of women would prefer to hold off on that(not cause of you of course just because they dont know you well enough ect.)
  7. True dat. Hymens are often broken by a tampon or something else.

    lol, "hymen" is a funny word - but it may just be because I'm hy, maaan.
  8. thats what im saying! hahah
  9. It is better to ask a girl if you are very curious about it dude than speculating ideas in your mind.
  10. I'm gonna take my girlfriends v card soon. I just started dating her 3 days ago, and she told me she wants to stay pure and shit until she gets married.
    No way in hell that's happening.

  11. this is like my girlfriend!

    i seriously didn't think she had sex, but she is fucken gorgeous so i thought when i fingered her i was like fuck she is SOOOO tight.

    virgin or not, she says she's not and i believe her. a tight tight pussy is the best fuck i have ever had
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    Im aroused.
  13. ahaha this motherfucker just posted a diagram ahahahaha
  14. my girlfriend is currently tighter now then when she was a virgin. i got her started on kegels, and so tightness is not a sure sign.
    crappy skills at making out is not a sure sign, i've made out with girls who were definitely not virgins and were HORRIBLE at making out.
    wanting to take things slow is not a sure sign of a virgin. lots of girls want to take things slow for lots of different reasons. maybe she is an ex-slut who is trying to change her ways.
    ask her if she is a virgin, although that's not a sure way to tell either it will at least give you a better idea.
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    I never got why virginity was this huge deal if things were good. I could understand you wondering 'what just happened' if shit was awkward.

    Otherwise just enjoy it man, there's no point in giving it much thought if the sex is good.

    And dude, you say your tongue was doing all the work. I hope you weren't deepthroating her, because she could have very well been thinking the same shit you were...

    "This dude's a virgin, right??"
  16. True, but there's plenty of tight pussy out there that have been fucked

    Who cares if she's a virgin man, it really doesn't matter bro...
  17. It does [matter] if she doesn't want to lose her virginity yet. Like they said - just ask, it won't hurt (no pun intended) It might even flatter her a bit even if she has been around a few times. No offence to her, she seems like a conservative girl. But good luck.
  18. i guess she wasnt really comfortable at the time which is why she was tight. she kept retracting my hand a few times until she gave me the 'go' signal to dip my hand down her panties.

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