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how can you make a hole in glass?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by boombiddy, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. i wanna make a bong out of a glass bottle
    how can i do it without getting shit like carbide/diamond bits?
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    Agreed not possible.

    Just spend the 20 it be a lot less headache then any other way.
  3. A dremel works pretty well if you use it carefully and slowly shave away at the glass.
  4. um i believe youd have to heat the glass to extreme temperatures, or try heating the dremel bit.
  5. drill bit dont heat glass it'll break
  6. A drill or a dremel, just be patient and go very slowly.
  7. Ive done this and the angle is also very important as well. I never got a good hole though. I got close but everytime it ended up cracking.
  8. im a glass blower and my teacher just recently taught me how to do it heat the glas a little like barely at all and the heat up the bit until its like orange a good type would be made of tungsten and then push it through VERY HARD dont go slowly and it may be good i do it while its still on the rod but
  9. A flare, haha
    sounds krazy, but I've tried it and it works.
  10. i done it.

    Hold the bottle in a vice with rubber pads to dampen shock.
    Fill the bottle half full of water to decrease resonance.
    Go slow, and puch HARD, but not too hard.
    Itll take a while.
  11. I have gotten really close, but everytime it gets hot enough for me to actually make the hole, it shatters. I have waisted 3 perfect glass vases trying this and i have come to the conclusion that the only way it can be done is with a glass diamond bit or some previous knowledge about glassblowing. i have neither lol.
  12. theres relatively cheap dremel diamond drill bits. compare that to a couple hundred you would have to lay down for new glass. plus- you only need one slide that you can just take out and switch between your different homemades. although: make sure you get the glass slide u are going to use FIRST so you can match the size of the drill bit to the size of the glass slide. When drilling make sure ur piece is on a completely flat surface (preferably on a rubber mat if you have one)
  13. hmm... couldnt u technically heat up the glass with a torch lighter and then drill it? or am i off?

  14. Heating up the glass in general makes it very unstable. If you were to heat up the glass and then drill it, it might work, but the glass goo would probably wrap around your drill bit and ruin it when it dries lol.
  15. use sandpaper to make it really thin where you want the hole and then pound with a nail.m explain later stoned now
  16. This is going to sound like bullshit, but it's true. I have a friend who does this all the time, basically everytime I'm drinking with him. I've seen him do it at least 20 times. What he does is he puts a penny or a dime in an empty beer bottle. He then flicks his wrist so the coin smacks up against the side of the beer bottle, hitting the same spot everytime. He does this maybe 15 times, til it breaks through the side of the glass, forming a perfect circle. The guy has it down to an art, he can do it anytime,everytime. I've tried it several times, and have only been able to successfully do it once, but i was concentrating super hard.
  17. If you're concerned about a perfect hole, you could always consider sealing it afterwards. It won't be the best, but it will work.
  18. lol my buddy has a glass diamond bit...they work great but u need a powerful drill unless you like drilling things all day. you can buy them at Canadian tire and similar home depot stores
  19. :smoke:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats the stupidest fucking thing i've heard in my life. if you can get that on video i put it on my life i'll send you a piece from the local headshop.

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