How can you have a crime without a victim?

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  1. I saw a sticker about this the other day.

    How the fuck is it a crime when their is NO victim involved?

    This is the question that every single prohibitionist out there needs to ask themselves.
  2. prohibitionists are not rational people, just like christians. nothing will change their mind.
  3. Same reason every other drug, prostitution, and fast food, etc. are being banned by the gov't. They're trying to protect us from ourselves, and only the irrational fail to see the futility in that.
  4. they also tie marijuana with terrorism...and prob illegal aliens.

    really bullshit...
  5. yea,. we're the 'anti-gov't' whom are willing to pay taxes for our bud.. :rolleyes:
    sometimes i just don't get prohibitionists reasons.
  6. and this is prob true but terrorists,cartels illegal aliens can only make money out of weed because of the proabitionists laws that make it illegal so there for creating a market that ppl who work outside the law can profit from!:)
  7. they believe all of society is the victim and especially the young people, who they're willing to arrest and incarcerate in order to protect them from marijuana.

    Somehow that actually makes sense to them.

    They also believe that our 15 million regular tokers could feasibly "just stop smoking" even though 70 years of prohibition has proved this belief to be false.
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    I dunno about younger Christians anyway, or at least the ones on this forum.

    Legalization of Marijauna - Christian Forums

    I made this thread to try and get a gauge on how they felt a few days ago, and it exploded, in a very pro-legalization way, some were however your classic "hand over the ears lalalala that's bad, and I don't have any reason why I think that." steotype.

    It's a mixed bag really. I thought it was kind of interesting.
  9. It is directly tied to terrorism and illegal aliens.

    But that's because it's illegal, the way the cartels run things in mexico is domestic terrorism and they also send illegals here to start grow ops.
  10. I buy my bags from terrorists all the time, right down the street at my local Taliban Training Center... pretty dank buds.
  11. Buying from Mexican drug cartels is the American thing to do right now.
  12. Since people aren't going to stop smoking the herb legalizing its production will end the money going to the cartels (about $7 billion annually).

    Right now the dispensaries must be having some negative impact on the cartels' incomes.
    We need to get people talking about this and realizing that this level of use (15 million regular tokers) after 70 years of prohibition is a good sign that people will NEVER stop using the herb. The only option is to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to adults.

    That'll end the thousands of cartel murders that're committed every year (6,000 last year and almost 3,000 so far this)
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    I deleted my post, because it sucked so much. I'm sorry for wasting your time :(
  14. Acutally that part is NOT bullshit but ironically it's the Government that causes it. A lot of imported drugs such as opium and hashish are sold by organizations that funnel the profits directly to terrorist groups.

    Almost all the heroin and opium sold in the US winds up funding groups that are not nice at all and wish to do harm to free people all over. The same goes for things like hashish imported from the Middle East and Asia Minor.

    If cannabis were legal it would mean one less source of income for organized crime and terrorist organizations. You all might be surprised at how much of the weed on the retail market winds up funding organizations that do not mean us well.
  15. What everyone must realize is that even though smoking some MJ does no harm to you or those directly around you, buyin that afghan hash or mexicali bam bam (mids lol) is impacting others lives and leaving victims of violence in other places. That is why it is not a victimless crime. Grow your own, don fund violence!

  16. While that's true you still have to ask what's easier to change, the behavior of 15 million
    people or the policy we use to control marijuana?

    I think after seventy years of prohibition we've conclusively proved that people in this
    country are simply not going to stop smoking marijuana.

    The only logical option now is to legalize the production and sale of marijuana to adults and
    use our law enforcement agencies to prevent illegal sales to children and the sale of illegally
    grown weed, just as they currently do with illegally brewed alcohol.

  17. and legalize it. every day that our government keeps it illegal is another day that they are funding violence.
  18. Exactly. Prohibition on alcohol didn't work. Nor is it working now on cannabis.

  19. That is one of the biggest reasons why people should either grow their own or buy from a local grower. I would love to see all the dealers put out of business and have people just grow their own.
  20. I've been talking about this principal for a long time. This argument is used in the gay civil rights battle all the time. Victimless crime harms no one and therefore is completely null of the slightest speculation. I wish society were more in line with this simple principle.

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