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how can you get medical marijuana license if you live out of state?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kamteezy, May 27, 2009.

  1. im goin on a road trip with my friends from new orleans to go to san diego. i just broke my wrist in an accident n it should be out of the cast by the time i get there. how would i get a license if i live out of state? if anyone knows or has any advice, PLZ help. thanx
  2. You cannot get one. You must be a resident of California.
  3. ... I don't understand why people keep asking this. I really don't.
  4. Because their hopeing it will be like a domestic Amsterdam trip...
  5. True, they want a domestic Amsterdam.

    It's not happening dude, broken wrist is not gonna give you medi weed.
  6. a "domestic amsterdam" trip was not what i had in mind. i was just curious
  7. If you broke your wrist the gets sum pain killers or something, and anyways why does it matter most people act like marijuana is legal
  8. I really hate this "just curious" bullshit. Do you really think you are going to get medical cannabis for breaking a wrist... when its not even broken anymore?! Really? I do not mean to be rude but this is common sense. Unfortunately I guess it's not so common.
  9. So what would entitle you to Medical weed?
  10. There are a number of conditions that differ from state to state. If you are curious, check out the links in the stickies above and they will point you to the laws in each state.

    Broken bones aren't qualifying conditions in any state.

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