How can you get casual sex w/o a relationship?

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  1. that's the question...
  2. there's an app for that

  3. Shut the fuck up and answer my question seriously. This isn't even a joke. For fuck's sake.
  4. has to be bad sex, if the sex is good or better then feelings will get involved
  5. If you want it with a specific person it's hard, if you just want casual sex with randomers go to parties or clubs :hello: Alcohol helps a lot in this department ahaha
  6. Hit up the bars and clubs.
    More often than not there's a good handful of people looking for the same thing you are. In fact when I was still into that scene that was one of the only types of people that I came across. They wanted to have a good time but they didn't want to be committed to the person.

    Or escort services, but either way it looks like it's gonna cost ya.
  7. Don't make promises you can't/won't keep.

    Let em know straight up you don't want a relationship. The girls that wanna bang will still be cool with it.
  8. craigslist.

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  10. Dude, calm the fuck down. It's grasscity, people make jokes
  11. this.

    You could either.
    A) spend lots of cash meeting , dining, taking out, buying drinks for women you MIGHT get some sex from....or.
    B) spend some cash on some gaurenteed sex.
    c) craigslist :D

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  13. ok. i don't like clowns. so get outta here.
  14. [quote name='"GreenRangerFOH"']

    ok. i don't like clowns. so get outta here.[/quote]

  15. Dating websites like Plenty of Fish. For real. That place is a FUCK FEST! I have friends that use it regularly to get laid....
  16. why don't you shut the fuck up you bitch maybe you should stop making stupid threads about shit and get off the damn computer and chase some tail you lame fuck.bitches these days

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    ask girls if they wanna come over to smoke and/or just hang out and watch a movie, its really not that hard if you find girls that are into you

    edit: Just dont hang out with the same girl too often or for too long, otherwise they may start to think theres more to it than casual sex. Also, you could possibly develop feelings for a girl that doesnt want anything more than casual sex.

  19. Well if you didn't wanna help fuck off....bitch.


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