how can you explain this?

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  1. [​IMG]
    It's deep man.

    Man cat is dead, likely her husband. Her whole world is dark and dead since he committed suicide last Apri, thus the dying flowers.

    She wants to control things she has NO control over, thus the idea that she can finally tie down that elusive fish in the family aquarium.

    Dead man cat has a nice, crisp collar too. Starch I imagine

  2. Cats dont have souls.
  3. You pretty much summed it up bro.
  4. i dont think that's very deep. it's nonsense, everyone knows cats don't wear glasses..
  5. That cat-has a horrible sense in fashion. And you sir, are high
  6. I think the cat in the blue dress (who has a pet fish) just got proposed to by the cat she's thinking of and he gave her flowers. The expression on her face is like that because the boy cat is actually her father.
  7. No starch btw, just dry cleaned and ironed
  8. He wants the fish.

    Flowers are unrelated.
  9. How much have you smoked tonight sir

  10. Is there a problem, ociffer?
  11. Cat's live regular lives at night? :smoking:
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    That Link-kitty would eat Ganon for lunch. He got guns and shit.
  13. hahaha
    this thread is quite amusing when you are on cloud 9
  14. photoshop, thats how i can explain it
  15. Its not deep,man cats ghost is just thinkin how much he misses that pussay.

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