How can you deny the fact weed isnt a gateway drug?

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  1. I have seen some people on here say that weed is not a gateway drug.. There are some people who smoke weed and only weed, havent tried anything else, but even those of you can't deny that weed isnt the universal gateway drug. For those of you who can argue against my opinion that weed is a gateway drug post your in-depth comments here..
  2. Easy... when you smoke weed, does it make you want to snort coke, or do lsd? No... The only thing weed is the gateway to, is the golden arches.

    If you want to use the debate the most people try marijuana first and then go onto harder drugs, fuck that, then caffeine is the gateway drug, because i guarentee they drank a pepsi before they smoked a little buddha.

    I don't want to be rude, but this myth has been so widely busted that I'm not going to waste my time posting an in-depth comment; instead, I suggest you visit or
  3. i definately think marijuana is NOT a gateway drug. like Jonsi said the other drugs come along because of interest in them, in something different. Marijuana itself did not lead to the others ones at all. For instance, i had always wanted to try shrooms and lsd looonnnggg before i ever really thought about weed, psychadelics just interested me a lot and i wanted to expand my mind. Marijuana happened to come first just because that was what a good buddy of mine was doing at the time.

    also like jonsi said, caffeine WAY more of a drug than marijuana is. Such addiction/withdrawal crap with caffeine, which does NOT come with marijuana

    well let's hear your side of the argument.....but i doubt many will take your side so i hope you are good with words if you hope to persuade anyone with your thinking:)
  4. dude its no gate way drug... the places that have legalized it , the hard drug us lyk heroin n shit go down,,, mary jane usually substitutes for the harder drugs... oh n 83% of users dont do other drugs lol
  5. to be honest, i only smoke weed. i have have never even touched a cigarette, and i never intend to try any other drugs (except for alcohol of course).

    BUT, even though i personally never intend to try anything else, i can STILL SEE WHY it is labelled a gateway drug. simply put, its the one drug that almost every user (of harder drugs) starts out with (ignoring alcohol). it CAN lead to using other drugs, because most people try weed 1st, mainly because of its acceptance in society and its availability. when people feel the need for something stronger or something different, theyll move on to other drugs....

    so in general, its a myth that everyone (or even most people) who try weed will move on to harder drugs. that much is obvious. BUT for some people (depending on the person, of course) it WILL lead to harder drugs....and THATS why i still believe its a "gateway drug", even though most smokers will deny it....
  6. my friend started doing coke THEN moved onto weed.
  7. yeah i have heard of that before wykid

    the gateway drug is just crap started by the govt
  8. scientists have also discovered a link between eating cake and having AIDS
  9. And if it's the same scientists who are claiming marijuana is a gateway drug, I bet the link between eating cake and having AIDS is homosexuality!!!.... zing!!!!

    He's a homosexual -> He ate a piece of birthday cake -> he got AIDS.

    It's the natural progression of the HIV diagram!!!
  10. ROFL
  11. I think the title contradicts your statement.
  12. well im gonna say yeah it is but not in the terms scientists say. i say it is only becasue when you buy weed you get the "drug deal" mentality. so you associate weed with the thought of "drug." so someone who goes out and buys an ounce wouldnt have a problem if they were getting say shrooms, coke, or ex. i think a way we can stop this whole "gateway" shit is legalization. if you can sell it in a coffee shop, lets say some 18yo newbie walks in there, buys an ounce, and walks out. he didnt do it in some bathroom, or really discretly on the streets. therefore he doesnt have the "drug" mentality. its like cigs. my guess is over 45% of our population smokes or has smoked cigarettes. that doesnt end up in 45% of the population railing a line of coke does it?

    back in psychology i wrote my thesis on this theory. i got a 93 on my paper.

    is it a gateway for me? well sort of. if i hadnt smoked pot i wouldnt have bothered with shrooms or coke.
  13. Tobacco is a gateway drug.
    Alcohol is a gateway drug.
    Tylonal is a gateway drug.

    It's our societys casual acceptance of these other drugs where the distinction is lost.

    People call marijuana a gateway drug. I had never even been around marijuana until I was 14.

    Both my mother and father drank and smoked, those were the drugs that all of us were first in contact with. We learn that drugs aren't something to be taken seriously, a recreational situation and that indulgence is okay.

    We can't have a culture that coddles the use of pharmacutical drugs and a government that directly sells liquor and then say marijuana is a gateway drug. It's our quick-fix solution culture. Got a headache? take some tylonal. It's a drug, which can cause serious hepatotoxicity, but it's okay.'

    In Canada, you can't buy smokes unless your 19. But in highschool you can smoke away in the smoking section, if you mysteriously have cigarettes. Our schools inaction suggests acceptance. Nicotine may be a very strong over-the-counter narcotic, which our governmental facilities are well aware that minors are using - but hey; it's not a gateway drug... right?

    Besides, people who are worried that it is a gateway drug; those people are stupid anyways. Teach your children about moderation, teach your children to seek out information and knowledge and make a decision based on that.

    Marijuana was my first illicity drug, yes, but I've used my mind to decide what other drugs, if any, i want to persue. It's not like all of a sudden i'm doing coke and meth. No, not at all. I, am an aware and contemplative human being am able to weigh gain with lose, pro with con.

    Over the years, i have chosen to experiment and try new drugs under the safest possible circumstances, taking the upmost care to know everything i possibly can. If anything, marijuana taught me how to become a more intelligent and cautious drug-user.
  14. The only reason marijuana or alcohol or anything else is a "gateway" is because it is so widely available. If people shat out lines of coke, that'd be the new "gateway".. its illogical. If someone wants to do something, than they will.
  15. I started with tobacco. Tobacco is the gateway drug not marijuana
  16. yea i started with alcohol and wanted something to do at partys that wasnt so intense as beer so i started to smoke weed at partys and now im smoke weed everyday:hello: so its not marijuana that is the alcohol that is the gateway drug but the smaller things such as tobacco or alcohol or could just be your definition of what a drug is :eek:
  17. i can deny it.... the gateway theory is bogus, it is physically impossible for one substance, entering the body, to create a craving for another.... if you smoke pot, you don't suddenly have the urge to do heroin.... thats like saying you drink apple juice and you suddenly have a craving to drink orange juice... its just not possible for one substance to create a desire/need/craving for another substance.
  18. i been to rehab like 5 times (about to be 6) n they've explained y weed is a gateway drug alot and weed definitely is, alot of you say you tried alcohol first (that was the case with me as well) or tobacco, but alcohol isnt as big of a thing to decide to try because its advertised and alot of fucks drink, as far as starting to smoke cigarettes once you started smokin you werent all that concerned about your body to begin with. theres some people that'll start strait to coke or whatever but most of the time its weed, just because people are like "i wonder what its like to get high" and then from there u'll either jus totally love weed and only wanna buy weed cuz you think all other drugs are bad, because weed is known everywehre to be "not that bad" but as far as people who go onto other drugs it opens the doors for you, you think "well weed is fuckin awesome, i wonder what a few other ones feel like" n try the next step which might be shrooms or x or maybe dxm or somethin that still isnt that bad. and you'll either be happy with that or it'll open your door even more n you'll get more curious about what alot of shit feels like

    thats what happened to me at least

    smoked weed
    ate ambien for my first "trip" n that made me wanna do acid
    did dxm cuz it was another "trip"
    dxm+weed fuckin made me trip balls n became my main addiction because that the shit right there
    then after that i tried percocets n shit like that
    then i got acid
    then after that i was like "well so far i've liked every single one of these fuckers, i think i'ma keep tryin shit as it comes along

    i really cant remember the order i did every drug in, but if i could that would be fuckin awesome

    oh yea, erowid had alot to do with the turn out of negligent, so everytime u read shit on erowid, jus think of me haha
  19. Weeds not a gateway drug, its just that most people do weed before anything else.
  20. you must be high. do you really think that its just a coincidence that most people try weed before anything else? this fact is exactly WHY its considered a "gateway" drug!

    i really do agree with the threadstarter though.....i think most smokers will deny it just because it gives a bad name to something we love so much.....but in reality, i simply cannot deny that its a gateway drug. in fact, i believe that this point is the ONLY truth spoken by the government in their anti-drug propaganda.....

    you obviously miss the point of why weed is considered a gateway drug......nobody ever said that weed causes you to crave other thats just fucking CAN lead to using other drugs thouhg, simply because it is the one that people start out with......and thats a plain fact that nobody can deny...

    dont get me i said before, i personally have never tried anything other that weed, and dont intend to (except alcohol).....but i still believe that weed is a gateway drug.....maybe not to the extent that the government claims, but is....

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