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    How can we educate people that think mmj is the devil. its bad they think this.they think prescription drugs are better for your health. and they think were scum. because they refuse to accept mmj as a healthier alternative. how do you educate pe
    ople that are blind and refuse to accept change and the truth.I WANT TO CHANGE THE FUTURE
  2. Tell them that they owe us a number of massive orgies? :cool:
    We wait until they die off. :p 
    I'm only partially joking. How do we educate people who refuse to accept the truth? We don't. You can't educate people like that 99% of the time. So we wait. :smoking: 
  4. Ha i think they missed out on those they prob lived a dull life
  5. By using the immense amount of empirical evidence and unbiased rhetoric contained within Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List in the Medical Marijuana Section, of course!!!
  6. Research it until you can spout off the history and benefits of the plant just by memory. That's what I do. I've read books and studies after studies on cannabis even before putting it into my body. If anyone ever says anything bad about the plant I correct them with facts. Granny's List is also fantastic for showing all the plant's benefits. 
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    I wrote my mom a 16 page research paper justifying its medical use with studies in Granny's List before I started smoking regularly. It's the only way to go.
  8. It cant happen in a day. People are slowly recognizing weed isnt the devil. Give it a few more years.
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    Um dude, gay marriage isn't even totally legal yet, if something as innocuous as that can still be demonized then MMJ will be blindly hated for a long, long time. There are still ridiculous bigots on earth and there will always be.

    It's very, very hard to change peoples minds, racism, sexism, greed, etc are all still very prevalent in our society. It's goddam 2013, not 1400!! And people think its acceptable to spew their hatred wherever they see fit.

    I do think that it will take a few more generations to flush out most of the horrible people on earth, including the corrupt govornments. There will still be holdouts clenching firmly, and hypocritically, to their bibles and flags and white pointy hats, and throwing up gang signs, and raping and abusing and stealing and hating for many years to come and no one can teach them otherwise.

    Long story short, you can't change people unless they want to be changed, they're very stubborn and push back even harder when they don't agree with you. It's totally illogical, so it's usually better to just move on. Show them how to get the info, and walk them through it if they want, but people are set in their ways and its like trying to derail a train with a penny.
  10. Dang, this post just tripped me out ^^^
    Gay marriage is legal here in Boston and weed was decriminalized about four years ago, maybe soon we may have the weed legalized too? Maybe? 
  11. @Navarone Heck, it was only 1000 years ago that we were still executing crazy people who think they're god.
  12. There are still some goofy laws about alcohol prohibition, and that was abolished in the 30s!! You'd think in 70 years they would have fixed it, but nope!
  13. Don't educate, obliterate. :cool:
    They are the fools that don't hear truth. We're better of without them. Same with religion in my opinion.
  14. @[member="ken"]

    It's a crazy world, and we're only in our infancy, but you'd think that some things are so simple or cut and dry, but people still hold on to them. It's like the sunken cost fallacy. If they put so much effort in to believing a certain way then it must be right, because why else would they if it wasn't.
  15. People will learn if they want to. Don't try to force it down people's throats who aren't interested.
    Only 1000 years ago? Only?
    It's only been three hundred since the witch trials. Less than two hundred since slavery. It's been little more than half-a-century since the holocaust. We've had a lot more needless, ridiculous executions in far more recent history than I'm sure most of us would like to think about.
  17. @[member="Toasty"] like 9-11? And all the recent "Wars" that are basically just sending our brothers and sisters away to be blown up and slaughtered for the profit of a few?

    @[member="orange"] haha you mean like a holocaust? I think that's crossing a line. As easy as it sounds to just kill all the nonbelievers, its still not the way to get it done.
  18. Something a professor said during my very first college class: "You can't change the opinion of those set in believing the opposite. Your efforts are far better put toward those on the fence." It's something that's always stuck with me, and why I no longer end up in endless circles of debate.
    I think we'll witness the tides of change on marijuana during our lifetime. It's decriminalized in places all over the world. Legal for medicinal use in many places, and legal in two American states. The legality is going to spread, and even if that spread is slow, it's going to fuel the activism and knowledge sharing that society has witnessed when ever any sort of widespread change occurs. The positives in pot use are going to move from places like Granny's List into common knowledge and the wave will keep on growing. I'm optimistic about it.
    How do we do our part? By keeping knowledgeable. And knowing which battles to take and which to not waste your time on.
  19. People will be people

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