How Can Us Individuals Contribute To Marijuana Legalization?

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  1. I've never really been an activist before, what are some things each individual can do to help marijuana become legal?
    Donate to NORML, call state representatives, attend conferences?

    Those three things are a good start....especially calling the state reps and letting them know where you stand.....
    For example, here in Illinois, when the medical MJ bill was in committee, my state senator compared smoking a joint to injecting heroin -- by the time the bill came up for a vote in the full senate, so many people had called and emailed his office voicing their displeasure on his position -- that he did not vote at a tea party member he couldn't vote for it,  but as a politician (who wants to get re-elected) he couldn't vote against it.... 
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    you can also go to and sign the petions. But then again, the NSA may keep record of that and have you arrested LOLOLOL
  4. Talk to people about marijuana legalization. Learn the main pro's and cons regarding marijuana legalization. Call your STATE legislators, have your friends call them also. Then VOTE for any pro pot candidate. Show your state legislators that the people mean business and will vote them out of their cushy government jobs if they do not support the will of the people. The state is where you will get busted, spend a ton of money on lawyers, or do time in a state/county jail. Join a pro legalization organization (like NORML), contribute a few bucks to their cause. These organizations are getting in tighter with state politicians and are begininning to have a fair degree of influence. Take the lead from states like Washington and Colorado. The VOTERS made it happen. If every pot smoker did these simple things getting busted for pot will quickly become a thing of the past.
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    Dont just join NORML. Join the Marijuana Policy Project and the Drug Policy Alliance and Students for Sensible Drug Policy.. Donate a few dollars every month. If you have friends that care about this issue, tell them to join. We need as many marijuana consumers as possible to be involved in the political process. You need to constantly be vigilant about all the marijuana legislation. If theres any pro marijuana legislation being voting on, send your representatives an email to vote for it. We need single issue marijuana voters to vote as a bloc. So if the election comes up and the candidates of both the 2 main parties are equally against you, vote for a 3rd party candidate that does. Even if they dont win, its important for all of you to vote for them just to send a message. You all need to mobilize and vote in droves every election. 

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