How can people smoke for 5-15 years straight?

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    Straight up, how can people use daily for that long? I've been a daily user for a year, occaisional user the year before that for a total of two years of use.

    And I feel like I've wasted a majority of that time. When your high, WORK out put, doing things that ARENT fun to do drops to almost nothing. I will still do schoolwork, focusing mostly on things that interest me and bullshiting the things that dont....but still

    if my threshold for doing WORK, self development etc. I would uncontestfully be in a better position then the one I am now. MY position is good. But it could have been better.

    Weed as taken me places where i could not have gone with out it.

    Thanks to weed, I am an weak atheist, my philosophy outlook on life is much sharper, I look at things with much more clarity and have benefited emensely from deep philosophical and practical insights gained from some highs

    like carl sagan said exactly, cannibis shows us what society has spent years progaming us to ignore.

    But for all those insights, for all those peaks, I must admit, a majority of the time I have spent using has been spent on things that contribute nothing to me what so ever. Video games. Comedy videos. Things that offer nothing but instant gratification. A inherit rule of life, all things that offer instance gratification do so at the expense of future gratification, because the present offers two choices, instant gratificaton or delayed gratification, taking the former defects the latter, and vis versa. In order for future gratification, gratification must be delayed presently.

    Weed is instant gratification like a fury. Not only is it instant gratification. But it breeds complacentcy to a degree unlike anything else. You are litterally euphoric all day if you spend a day smoking. How can any idea of sacrifice for the future make sense in such a situatioin?!

    Why work on something that is supposed to make one happy in 20 years and requires much work now?? For why? Happyiness? I am happy now! Such is the manner of conflict for many attempts of delayed grat.

    The life of the stoner, in reality is the life of a defector. A defector against his future self. stoners who read this and are in their early 20's, like my self, may disagree from emotion, or on reasonable grounds (some can handle).

    But imagine being a 37 year old stoner. Its not so cool anymore. And yet, after 37, getting an education, or a good job, is doubly hard compared to striving for betterment at young age. Besides, by 37 or even 30, its harder to improve ones life. obligations and social pressure even goes up higher, and they are much likely to give up.

    So, defecting into your 20's, for the majority, probably you, is equated in a large sense to defecting for life.

    Don't defect now, defect after it doesnt matter anymore. Defect at 40, or 50. After you got yours.
  2. Imo, most of the things in life sucks. Weed helps the sucky things suck less and the things that dont suck, even better. Perhaps it's a crutch but what do I care, without it, I would probably realize how much most of the things suck and how politically motivated everyone is and hate everything. Weed is the antithesis of cynicism.
  3. they continue to purchase and consume marijuana for 5-15 years.
  4. Erection v v
  5. I've been tokin for over a decade non stop
    It's pretty easy actually
  6. One word, determination. No but really, if you like something, why stop? Especially if you don't notice any serious side effects. I'd rather toke the chronic for 15 years straight than smoke cigs.
  7. Thanks for letting me realize that all stoners just sit on their ass and do nothing when they're high. Great stereotype man! Some people use marijuana as motivation, and if you fail to realize that you are naive.

    The life of a stoner is a blessing. If you can't use it in the proper way, then it simply is not for you. Why would you honestly post this on a marijuana website?
  8. I agree and I never figure out how people can take being high literally all the time.
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    I'm 64 and have used cannabis for over 40 years, as often as possible. (It prevents my migraines if used daily). :yay: I grow my own and do not run out!

    I think my "work out-put" is quite satisfactory!

    Click that first link in my sig, then run a net search on "Granny Storm Crow" and see what i do just in the "cannabis" part of my life.

    I enjoy doing genealogy- I'm descended from Charlemagne, and have several Revolutionary War heroes in the family and also one pyromaniac horse thief. :eek:

    I was a reasonably good parent, more than one kid has told me they wish I was their Mom, and we always had a houseful of kids over. My boys, now in their 30s, are both friends and family to me.

    The bills get paid on time.

    I do various forms of art- I am an award-winning quilter. One of my quilts was displayed for 6 months at Disneyland's "County Fair" exhibit, and I'm a passable sculptor and painter.

    And I work in education (this is about the only time I don't have some cannabis within reach!). My last job evaluation was excellent. :) My co-workers say I work "magic" with the kids. :D

    And I do it all STONED!

    I have always been a "doer", I think all-the-more-so when I am stoned! I get all these wonderful ideas that MUST be done! You just haven't learned "to be mean to yourself" and say "Stop thinking about it! Get your ass in gear and do it!" :p

    Granny :wave:
  10. I fucking love you Granny. Seriously. Love and respect...and ganja :smoke:
  11. Let's see, been toking for almost 33 years now (started at 16), pretty much wake and bake and all throughout the day...Own my own 4 bedroom home (no mortgage, own it outright), don't have to work for a living anymore, raising 4 kids by myself...Yeah, damn that devil's weed!

    All the suppositions you stated in your OP boils down basically to your personality. If you are lazy, you're lazy. Sure, you can blame it on toking but it's really all on you. ;)
  12. Haha I'm 22 and I started smoking every day at 19. I feel ur pain
  13. A lot of people say its you not the weed when they talk about being lazy. Thats not always true, i grew up living off sports, martial arts and being active.....In the last few years i have almost completely stopped training, play 0 sports and force myself to the gym when I go. Weed has sucked all my motivation to do anythin right outta me. Yet i cant stop smoking it. It just makes me hate the personality i think i have. Damn i need to quit
  14. (OP)...what an arrogant point of view. Let people be different dude.
  15. I agree with many of the philosophical points made in your argument.
  16. Motivation to be successful is almost all gone. So happy with life how it is. Just want to live life happy and not sit in a cubical 40 hours a week ad waist my life in their.
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    Fuck off, I am a perfectly normal, functioning part of society and I've used everyday for the past 7 years

    Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR
  18. i've been smoking for about 10 years, my boss at work who is also my connect has been smoking for around 25ish :smoke:

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