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How can my THC levels skyrocket when I haven't smoked recently?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by V1ZUAL, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. So, hopefully I'm posting this on the right subforum.

    I am currently in a drug treatment center/rehab. On Tuesday of this week I was called into the nurse office and told my THC levels had risen dramatically. The problem, I haven't smoked since the 18th, and this test was from the 24th. Iv been moved to a house with less privages, phone and car taken for a week as well as not being able to work for a week.

    Iv been racking my brain to figure out how this could occur. It's affecting my life in more ways than one and i badly want to try and figure this out.

    I haven't smoked or eaten any cbd, the only Vapes iv hit were others here in rehab so they would have popped too. I know that THC is stored in fat cells so a slight rise after working out(since I was living in my car and pretty lathargic before coming here) and going in the sauna would be understood. But my levels SKYROCKETED on the 24th.

    Obviously everyone in rehab says they didn't do it when this happens in so no one believes me, which is understandable.

    I can't really think of anything beyond some really crazy shit like a tech putting marijuana pee with my piss and im pretty positive that's not going to happen... Since there's cameras.

    If anyone has any ideas how this could happen please let me know. This has me all fucked up and close to leaving he program which I know would end in relapse.
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  2. You sound like you need to have your mental health evaluated if you think somebody managed to mix dirty piss with yours as you took the test..
  3. I have no idea how THC levels could go UP if you aren't smoking or ingesting it.
    I don't think one of the techs would purposely fuck you over just for the hell of it. they are there to help you
    I've gone through rehab myself and I know how hard those first 5 days are. I will NEVER go back to drinking or back to that rehab centre.
    keep your head up, you got it bro! don't leave the program. stick it out.

    I haven't had a drink for 5months 3 weeks myself! and feel great.

    @BrewsnWeed666 if the man is in a rehab centre... he has had his mental health evaluated. have some sympathy for what people are going through dude.
  4. If OP has had his mental health evaluated he should know that what he's thinking up is ridiculous.. how would someone even fuck with your piss as your pissing??

    This is near enough the same kinda stuff one of my friends used to say.. he had schizophrenia:confused_2:
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    except he says in the same sentence that he knows its "crazy shit" and that it probably "wouldn't ever happen" :confused_2: not sure what your schizophrenic friend has to do with the situation but I hope he is okay too. lol
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  6. he's saying maybe the tech fucked up and mixed up his piss with someone elses, not saying a tech was in there fucking with his piss while he was pissing?
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  7. anyway @OP good luck
    @BrewsnWeed666 I hope the hash is good today brotha! :D haha
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  8. I mean OP dude not u lol they think someone fucked with there piss
  9. About to go hit the bong now dude lmaooo :RoorRip::RoorRip:
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  10. I know you meant @OP, so did I. he says in the same sentence that he knows its ridiculous and that it wouldn't happen (someone fucking with the piss)

    enjoy it bro
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  11. you need to re-read if you didn't see where I said that's pretty much impossible...I was more just throwing that out there as a joke
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  12. Wasn't a very funny joke
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  13. Dude did you even read what I said? I said it was pretty much impossible and that there were cameras.

    Obviously that's not what happened.

    What is wrong with you bro lol
  14. THC levels DO go up by the way.

    I went from sleeping in my car for weeks to constant physical activity going to the gym sitting in the sauna volleyball etc.. THC is stored in the fat so it can be released with physical activity increasing your levels.... But NOT the levels that I showed. at least not from what I can gather online or from anyone else's experience.
  15. Well, then, there’s your answer.
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    If you took a urine test the tests dont check what's stored in your fat cells. Tests check for detectable metabolites that are being released in your urine. You're body could have just been releasing a lot at the time of the test. Another thing could be if say the first test was done later in the day after drinking and pissing more this diluting or clearing out what was detectable in your urine. Excersize, different medications, several different things can speed up your metabolism
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