How can I use old phone chargers to run pc fans?

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  1. So I have a few old nokia phone chargers with the ac/dc converter. Can I cut and strip the phone charger and attach to the fan? And how can I tell the pos neg wires on the charger?
  2. Ok so I figured out how to do it, but what if the charger output volts don't match the fan?
  3. then idk what will happen haha!!!! try it on your neighbours outside socket first
  4. Just hook em up. If they don't work switch the wires and try again. It won't blow up if its hooked up wrong just won't work.
  5. what if its the wrong voltage? the voltage on the chargers is less than the fan so will it just not run as fast?
  6. Just tested it!
    Taped it up and plugged it in.
    It spins kinda slow, but that may be good for stealth reasons. I have it running for a few minutes and no sign of anything wrong.
  7. Yea it'll hold you over til you find a 12v power adapter. You can buy em at best buy or radio shack. Cell phone chargers usually are like 5.6v or something like that. It'll just spin slower. Keep in mind it won't move as much air as if it were on 12v.
  8. Yeah the one im using is 9.5v.
    i took it of speakers.
    I only have a little PC grow going. Actually I just light proofed it tonight, getting bulbs tommorow then Germing my seeds later!
    heres a few pics of the light proofing I did.

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