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How Can I Turn Arizer Extreme Q Vapourizer Into A Globe/bulb Vapourizer?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sacerdotal, May 20, 2013.

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    Many of you are familiard with Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil. I need it BADLY. However, it is very expensive to make in good enough quantities so I think that I can turn my Arizer Extreme Q into a light bulb/globe vapourizer, used by Shona Banda who treated her Chron's Disease that way. The idea is that the vapour gets cooled by the glass and then she rubs it off of the glass and eats it. It is like getting Hemp Oil without any solvents and difficult processes and you can make very small quantities of the oil that way. So, any ideas on how I can turn my Arizer Extreme Q into a bulb/globe vapourizer like the one used here by Shona:
  2. you probably only read the title. My idea is to have the vapour cool down in some glass container somehow so that I can scrape it off later when it's in oily form. Whether its a bulb or whatever... Don't spam here, I am in desperate need of this oil so I need help, not trolls.
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 takes her several 'bowls' to get enough oil collected using her method, just for one dose...
    RSO is a volume production, not a peice meal attempt.
    BUT if you are so inclined, just get a piece of food grade tubing, that can take the heat, such as silicone, and use some turkey bags to collect the vapor (rubber bands to keep them closed until the vapor condenses.)
    Just 'scrape' the oil off the inside of the bags with a small silicone spatula (do not scrape plastic with stuff that can scrape off pieces of plastic, use something softer then the plastic wouldn't clean glass with diamond sand paper...)

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