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how can i try to not act high around family?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by sgarc3, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. people always tell me that i act like im in a slow motion state when im high how can i avoid acting like this?

  2. For me, the more I burned and became comfortable with that state of mind, the more comfortable I felt in social situations. It is possible that you are maybe just getting way too baked before hanging out with others? Maybe just toke a little before chilling with your homeys, then get couch locked afterwards :D
  3. well yesterday i rolled a a good joint about 1.5 grams for me and a friend i usually only smoke like half a g in bowls so i got way more baked yesterday and was told by my mom that i was acting like i was in slo motion
  4. move faster ?
  5. obviously its not that easy or i wouldnt be asking but ive tried that and still cant pull it off
  6. Don't smoke and go around your parents.

    God damn I have good advice
  7. Don't try to act sober. When I try to act sober, I end up focusing on it too much and acting weird. Just chill and be natural. It's pointless to be paranoid thinking "they will find out I must act sober!!", you'll look a lot more normal if you just chill and go with the flow.
  8. I will never understand how people new to smoking can't do this, but then again, I've had to hid my habits (smoking and drinking) for 7ish years, and I'm 20 now. maybe it's because I always had to deal with someone's parents whenever I wasnt sober
  9. Try drinking coffee or energy drinks with it, it speeds you back up to normal levels but still leaves the euphoric effects of the weed. That's what I learned by working at Starbucks because I'd go there stoned with eyes red as the devils dick and we'd get a rush of customers and I had to be quick accurate and communicative so I'd drink 3-4 expresso shots when I'd get there and drink one every 1-2 hours. I ended up getting a $50 gift card as reward for excellent customer service. I think the weed made me pleasant and smiley and the coffee kept me active and functional so it was a great combo

  10. yeah im definately gonna have to try that lol
  11. Complain about how tired you are. People kind of seem like they're high when they're tired, anyway.
  12. How bout be sober?

    Do you ALWAYS have to be high? Whos in control? Probably not you.

  13. i started laughing thinking thats such a douchey thing to say.

    then i read you sig
  14. Smoke in moderation. Smoke a bit give yourself a few to let it creep up on you how you feel then puff a little more till you get to the "chill"state of mind. Not baked just chill.

    Maybe vaping is best for you in authority filled situations. All the head high and less body=more chill IMO
  15. best way - dont be high around your family
  16. Lol don't smoke and be around your family? Smoke alone at night a couple of hours before bed? :confused: Smoke for a couple of years so you can act normal around people. When i first started smoking i would hate to be in public with blood shot eyes and acting all weird feeling paranoid.
  17. I don't understand how you can move in slow motion? are you in the matrix?
  18. Practice more :smoke:
  19. When I lived with my parents, I would get high around them more than I should have. The best way I found for acting normal was to go chill in my room. Remember, every time you get high on weed that your money bought, that high was paid for. Don't waste it by trying to sober up, unless it's an emergency. One time, I got high before a family function. I didn't want to waste the high, so I pretended to have stomach issues and got out of there after I said hello to everyone. Then I went for a long walk, and somehow ended up home with a sub sandwich and a 2L of Coke. Everything works out, you know?
  20. Best way to not act high is so not be high

    My parents never knew I was high, it was awesome.

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