how can i trust internet bought seeds?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by sinewave07, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. ok so i've been thinking about growing recently and one of my only options seems to be to purchase the seeds online...i've come to the conclusion that i should get a pre paid visa debit card to buy the seeds with and to have them shipped to a different address than my grow only question is which websites are real and not bullshit? GC wont ship to me b/c i live in the US but apparantly other websites will...which if these does anybody know are legit and wont cause any problems with the law?
  2. well if customs catches them that would be considered illegal in the US, but you wouldn't get into trouble just a letter from customs probably. Check out the thread at the top of this forum recommended seed banks Highgrade seeds and Dr chronic I'd say are the best IMO.
  3. couldn't agree more. those 2 would definitely be my first choices. and ya most likely nothing will happen except a letter from customs saying they took your package. just don't ship it to the same address you're growing at.
  4. I had the same issue, I decided to take the risk and order from the dr. and sure enough they arrived. I dont know if dr chronic is shipping anymore tho, last time i checked that site something about getting off drugs came up haha. So i think it mightve got shut down. Other than that the only advice i can give you is dont keep ordering seeds. Make one order and if ur lucky enough not to have them seized, quit while your ahead. I had one order seized and I got a letter from customs. Its a very scary feeling and I probably will never grow in a house that is rented or owned by me anymore(im overall very paranoid.)
  5. yeah i was wondering the same exact thing cause im going to order seeds to but i dont want to get busted from it. when you guys order seeds do you always send them to a different location? would it be sketchy if i sent the seeds to my own house. also, i heard that on the reciet or whatever it says you bought something els rather than seeds.. to cover it up that is. is this true?
  6. i never have anything related to growing shipped to my house.
  7. most places will not say marijuanaseeds charged to your credit card, or something so obvious obvious. You could send them to your house if you don't have anywhere else to send them like a friend(I personally wouldn't tell a single soul that I was growing if I was) or somebody who will let you use their mailbox w/o asking what you're getting, but if your going to grow there that would be risky some people do it anyway and are fine though, if you get seeds flagged at customs don't even think about growing there then.

  8. yeah if i get customs on my ass i would grow so far away from here. yeah i doubt a friend would just let me send some marijuana seeds to his house ha. but yeah im just going to do it. take a risk. see how reliable the stores actually are
  9. Folks say if caught customs will just send you a letter...OK then why the precautionary advice to not have the order sent to your grow site? If you really think all you will get is a letter and not put on a list for a law enforcement sweep, then why not send them to where you live? Kind of like saying, "Nah, you won't get in any trouble, but you better watch out!" Seems like opposing concepts. Maybe I'm just slow on the uptake? Can someone explain it to me?

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