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How Can I Transport My Weed, Pipe and Lighter

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thecpk, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. So tomorrow my bro is gonna bring me by car to a
    Friends house. The thing is that I wanna bring my
    Weed and pipe and lighter without my bro finding out. It's like a 15 ride so I can't have any smell. It can't be big like a mason jar. Thought of takin it in a roll deo but idk how to hide the smell
  2. Stick it up your vagina.
  3. Fuck that. Dont be stingy with your weed, especially when familys involved.

    Smoke your brother up as a way of saying "thanks for the ride"

    Im sure he'll appreciate it.
  4. put it all in a few baggies, bud in a pill container in said baggies, then wrap said baggies with dryer sheets
  5. put it in a few layers of plastic bags and shove it down the fly of your underwear. not all underwear has a fly though

  6. I think he means he doesn't want his brother to find out because he's anti-weed.
  7. i usually wear high socks and i always wear khakis. so what i do is put my bud and bowl on inside of my leg in my sock. lighter can go in pants pocket. put bud in a pill container or empty deodorant or something airtight if you want to. bowl can just be in a zip lock bag.

    you dont have to ask the internet this shit homie, finding your own shit if the fun of growing up
  8. put em in a bag and spray the bag with febreeze or something then put it in your backpack with a sweatshirt and shit.
  9. why can't you just bring a backpack? say it's video games or a change of clothes or something.
  10. #10 DMV, Nov 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2011
    bro ill let u use my teleporter. ive made it only big enough for weed pipes and maybe a decent bong. but no, did u really have to make a thread on this? just bring a backpack and put it all in a ziplock bag and ur good unless u got weed that smells like a dead skunk
  11. [quote name='"skittle"']with dryer sheets[/quote]

    No. Just no. Stick your bud in a pill container, and put both that and your pipe (assuming its small enough) into your sock against your leg.
  12. Bag all of it together a few times and throw it in a backpack under some clothes and deoderant or some shit.
  13. stick it all up your bonghole...just sayin.
  14. roll up the baggy and put it under your toes in your shoe that way you can walk around just fine and there is no smell then. fuck the pipe and lighter if you're going to a friends house! geez man he should have a bowl and a lighter. if your bro is really that big of a dick then you just gotta flat out whip out the bag in front of him. and be like: "what? you gotta problem? it's just weed bro."
  15. you should know how to cover up the smell before you start smoking imo.

    figure it out yourself

  16. So? Convert him :devious:
  17. 15 minute ride?? Thats it??

    Shit son...Put your little stash and pipe in your pocket and enjoy the ride!
  18. Put it in a bookbag? I ASSUME you are over 18, which means your brother wouldn't be asking you all of these crazy questions. ASSUME. you probably aren't though, truthfully.
  19. Put the bud in your mouth! ... no baggy
  20. I always put my weed and pipe in the side ankle of my socks.

    I have lost a very fine and beautiful glass pipe and a bag of weed to the cops so now I want to make sure it's safe because you never know.

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