how can i tell if these are at maximum potential?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by howdigetsogood, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. are my buds done?

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  2. they look like the same pics you posted last week, are they??

    you need to look at trichrome color under a microscope to determine maturity.

    go to the general growing forum and look for the sticky there should be one, I know there are some ancient threads on this topic

    I would say theyre most likely not ready yet. But i dont grow marijuana :bongin: def looks like some good plants there
  3. they are maturing adults, quite a bit to go to get to a ripe old age. those trichromes are going to be clear!
  4. Wait until most of the white hairs turn red/orange.
  5. wait at least three weeks bro.. probly nov 1
  6. damnn!!! weed mans got that fire forslae anyways start savin my paycheks next month.....thanksss
  7. "damnn!!! weed mans got that fire forslae anyways start savin my paycheks next month....."

    Hey Howdigetsogood -

    I have read this post over and over (at least 4 times) and still don't get what you are trying to say here.... (hey I am a blonde girl so maybe I am just not as quick as everyone else but....) What is the message in this post?? Help me out!

    Kisses -

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  8. yep, go buy a bag, because if you can wait a couple of weeks, then you have at least one more week to cure.
  9. hottbody im sayinng i cant smoke my free homegrown weed yet so im gonna have to PAY for a bag untill my homegrowns done. it wasnt that hard to understand...was it? of year heres my big girls that are just starting to bud.

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  10. i think he is trying to say for (space) sale, not forslae. howdigetsogood didnt get good at spelling or grammar, he must of skippped that grade. Hottbody it took my a while to figure it out too.
  11. i earned a GED and highschool diploma though!
  12. it seems like a few of my plants got fertalized and have grown seeds some already falling to the ground. will this grow more?!?! thatd be cool.

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