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How can I tell if my weed is laced with PCP

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pnoygangsta, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. alright, I'm not a seasoned toker and no I haven't ever smoked laced weed before but just so that I know how can I tell if my weed is laced like how it smells, how it tastes when smoked. Thanks!
  2. You can tlel because they charge you twice as much.

    No one is going to lace a drug with pcp for free..

    Thats like someone lacing your silver necklace with some gold for free.

    If anything, they used something very cheap, like raid or something else to spray on it.
  3. lol dude first of all seasoned smoker doesnt mean u have smoker laced weed automatically,


    if you got some dust (pcp) on your bud i would literally just consider that A DEAL ( hey...its free) lol but you probably wont smell any pcp or see it unless theres alot... but it woulld taste bitter and toxic taste..

    give us a smoker report bro ;)

  4. That is not true, my buddy smoked up 3 of us, including myself, with a bowl of pcp. I couldn't tell the difference until after I smoked. Everything was a hazy bloody color and blood rain down the windows instead of the rain that was coming down. And he told us all like once the bowl was cashed. NOT FUN, NOT FUNNY! lol don't do it, not enjoyable, but it helps to say other than meth i've tried most shit out there today.
  5. Well from what I understand Japan's cost of weed per gram is higher than anywhere else, someone said you would get charged twice as much, so if you had to pay 120 dollars for a gram, you might wanna go for it, naw j/k, if that happens shove your entire arm down your dealers throat and pull out his heart and eat it in front of him. He'll reconsider.
  6. Are you serious? After smoking a bowl that you thought was good green that would be a total buzzkiller, but I bet you laughed anyway. Wait nevermind you weren't high on weed.
  7. You could have just searched, I'm starting to get sick of seeing these threads in seasoned tokers
  8. #8 wunschshrek, Jan 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 9, 2009
    You didn't understand what I said, I said a dealer isn't going to give a customer free PCP, they can sell that PCP for more money to people..... looking for pcp.

    You are talking about something completely different, a customer, not a dealer, and your friend, smoked you up on PCP. I do my friends favors all the times, your dealer doesn't do their customers favors all the time. He provides a service.

    If he smoked you up, he put the PCP in there.... Not the dealer.

    PCP is enjoyable to some though, thats why people use it, you didn't like it probably because you were "tricked" into doing it.
  9. pcp isnt necessarily a bad thing
  10. pcp tastes very chemical/metalic and smells like ether or embalming fluid. you will prolly never encounter it ESPECIALLY in japan. i dont think anyone in japan does pcp its mainly a US thing.
  11. i had weed laced with pcp once, tweaked out, sorta felt sick, sorta felt good at one point, but its not for me, i hated it...:mad:
  12. I have never in almost 20 years of smoking come across pcp laced weed, nor have I ever met anyone (who I believe) who has gotten pcp laced weed.

    It just doesn't happen unless someone wants to fuck with you.
  13. haha I loled I think Im gunna add that quote to my sig..
  14. yeah I would be happy if I got some free PCP, I have seen laced weed before, its pretty obvious when theres powder in the bottom of the bag that isnt kief, and you know what weed is supposed to look like, and it usually comes from a friend who is a little more hardcore than you and laced it himself to see you trip, as in my case hahaha
  15. i'm pretty sure you'll know once you smoke it.
    if you start seeing demons, let me know, it was probably pcp.

  16. Thats what i did to your mom last night. Oh Snap:eek:
  17. smoke it and find out!
  18. Lmfao, Like this is even a question....

    Edit: Damn you Keepthecycle.. bumpin' a 3 year old thread like you dont even give a fuck....

    Thats wats up

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