How can i swell these buds up?

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  1. so i have about 4 weeks left of 12/12 and was wondering what can i do to swell the buds more. i am currently feeding every watering about 3 times a week. and they are eating up the nutrients. im looking to see if there is anything i can add to the water to make the buds more bigger.
  2. Try starting them on molasses as well. 1 tablespoon per gallon every watering. Make sure it's unsulphured molasses. They will swell a lot during the last 4 weeks.
  3. You should be flushing in a couple weeks anyways, not really any time for additives to help. You want bigger buds, get more light.
  4. You have plenty of time to get some gravity going on those. Humboldt nutrients makes it and will add weight and crystals. also this is the perfect time to start running a product i use called shooting powder by h@g. it tricks your plant into thinking its lifes getting short and makes it helps induce a second stage of flowering. if you use this follow instructions its very powerful additive. good luck.
  5. h@g? never heard of it. im going to the hydro store tommorow i will see what they have. It would def be useful since im going to havest in 4 weeks because im moving. they are in week 4 now. im not sure if they carry an humboldt products. is it still ok to use even if i have 4 weeks of harvest


  6. Took the words right out of my mouth:smoke:
  7. here is a pic of one of my babies

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  8. so u really think there is no point of using something? what if i decide to flush just a week in and use a product that is for flushing. Saw it at the hydro store last time.

  9. listen to PostPavilion

  10. mmm.

    After reviewing the thread a bit more too I think you still have a bit of time to go on that lady. You'll have time to be able to use the molasses, maybe get some good nutes for the buds.

    Too bad you are moving in 4 weeks though... drats, I would just flush the last week only then, it will still get the nasties out in time. You've gotta be able to use all the time you've got to fatten her up.
  11. if you can try and get some co2 in there its like putting your plants on steroids
  12. they are already starting to show red hairs. i will be going to the hydro store im either gunna get big weight or carbo something like that from advanced nutrients. worker told me it contains molasses.

  13. OK now that I see that pic I have a much better idea of what's going on. First of all those things will not be done in 4 weeks. From the looks of it you have at least 5 more to go. Sorry to have to tell you that.

    Secondly, since you have that much time. There is definitely time to add some booster nutes, BUT your buds should not be big right now anyways so you are worrying over nothing. At that early stage of flowering you could give it every nute on the planet and it wouldn't make a difference. They don't fatten up until a little bit later. With that being said, if you don't use any bloom enhancers I would recommend to get one, but those nugs will get much fatter regardless if you get one or not.

    List all of the nutes you are using right now and maybe we can recommend a good enhancer to go with what you are running.
  14. only nutrient i am using is nsr greenleaves bloom juice 2-5-4. the pic i put in was at week 3. im attaching more recent pics... please give me some advice im going hyrdo store soon.


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  15. Just go to the hydro store and tell them you want a bloom enhancer made for the last 4 weeks of flowering. They will point you in the right direction. I use Fox Farms Cha Ching for late flowering, but there are all kinds of products that do the same thing as Cha Ching.

    I also see that you are using fluoros. If you want truly big buds you will have to ditch those things and run HPS, but like I said, they will definitely get bigger even if you change nothing at all. Your girls look very healthy though so good job on that.

    Good luck.. :smoke:
  16. just got back from the hydro store... i ended up getting advanced nutrients carboload reccommended by one of the workers there. and i know for a fact he knows what he is talking about. cost me 24 bucks which isnt to bad hopefully it will pay out. just feed my ladies got an hour til lights out. Thanks for all the help guys!
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    I was thinking more of a PK booster, not a carb additive, but that is probably a good product too.

    If you add a PK booster you will be totally covered as far as bloom enhancers go. AN makes one called Big Bud. That would be a great line up for bloom. Big Bud, Carbo Load, and the bloom base that you already have.

    edit.. Just checked AN's site. Apparently Big Bud is their early and mid flowering enhancer. The late enhancer is called Overdrive. So if you get another nute soon get Overdrive and add it to the rest of the stuff.
  18. Molasses?
  19. 4 weeks is when you start using gravity or any pk boosters. I dont know what those guys telling you different are talking about. you use gravity all the way to flush. shooting powder you use in the last 3 weeks before flush. this is the exact time to use these products. google them and see.
  20. dont use molasses,wont help for what you want

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