How Can I Stop Bugs Eating My Plants?

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  1. Hi all,
    I transplanted 5 plants (of about 6 weeks old) up to a mountain - they were doing fine.
    They have been there around 5 days, and I'm seeing holes / ends of the fan leaves being eaten away.  :(
    I can only assume that its bugs / ants (not rabbits or bigger animals).
    I have already put egg shells around the plants to stop slugs, but how can I stop the bugs?
    What methods can I use? I don't really have access to your everyday DIY garden store to buy professional formulas (due to my location).
    Any natural alternatives and other suggestions to discourage the bugs munching on my fan leave would be appreciated!
    Thanks for reading!

  2. i heard if u blend water onion and garlic and then drain it makes good pest control i would google you question as im sure there are plenty of options 
  3. Hot pepper wax works good
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    I made a simple organic repellent that seems to be doing good.
    I use about 15 hot small red chilis and grounded them up.
    1 TBS of dish soap,cooking oil, and baking soda
    1 Quart of warm water.
    I let it sit for 24 hours before using it.
    It's a good idea to use a coffee filter to filter as much matter as possible so nothing gets stuck in the squirt nozzle.
  5. Thanks guys!
    Having done a bit of brief research, I'm going to make up a batch containing:
    lime, garlic, cayenne pepper and cinnamon powder
    How does that sound?
    Also, is it okay to be spraying this directly onto the leaves, or should I just surround the plant with the mixture?
  6. I spray my plants with raid. Then I flush the roots with black flag. It makes the weed taste like shit and it makes me sick when I smoke it. One time i ended up in the emergency room of the local hospital after I ate some edibles that had raid sprayed on the bud. But at least i kept the bugs away. Good luck!!
  7. Spray on the leaves.
    Also you will need to apply it every 2 to 3 days.
  8. no way, raid?
  9. I have a question. So when you sprayed the Raid on the plants, were they in Veg or Flower?
  10. Either a [​IMG] or a very stupid individual.
  11. lol you're a savage
    Will do, much appreciated!
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    neem oil treatments when you water...stop laying eggshell(they attract bugs)..use copper wire wrapped at the base of praying mantis eggs($11.99 @ nursery's /online)and flood the area with mantis nests....I have two nests myself incubating now for my outdoor grow 

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  14. Lady bugs work also. To bad around here there is sooo many stink bugs that ladybugs dont stand a chance!
    I 2nd the Neem Oil Spray. Walmart has it for like $9 i believe reapply ever 2 weeks. Spray entire plant, top/bottom of leaves, stems, slightly around the base of stem.
  15. Teach them a lesson.
    Take one of the bugs, and beat him. But don't let it die or go unconscious. Torture it to the point it can no longer scream in agony. Then, after hours of pain and starvation, tie it to a chair- keep its eyes open. Take the bug's wife and get a mosquito to have its way with the female bug. They'll do anything for some action. After that, smash the bug wife, and finally put the male bug out of its misery. That'll show the rest of the bugs to stop missing with your plants. They'll fall in line. It's not pretty, but in this world, its about the plants man. 
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  16. sprinkle some coffee grounds around your plants as well, that will keep ants from crossing over!
    Good luck mate
  17. ladybugs prefer aphids and will fly off insearch for them before eating anything else....but the mantis will stay as long as there's food to eat
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    do not use any food bi-product...for every 1 insect it repels 5 are grounds,eggshells....those are compost're better off buying 7dust and spreading it around...but never food..
  19. Pyrethrin concentrate mix it up and spray your plants as the sun is going down or before it comes up. It kills just about every bug shortly after contact and breaks down fast under the suns natural UV lite. It can be used within 24 hours of harvest and is organic. Neem products don't kill on contact it works by suppressing the bugs appetite to a point it starves to death. There are also other organic products that contain Spinosads which are natural bacteria that kill insects by messing with their nervous system.  Be carefull when mixing pyrethrin it can burn plants bad if mixed to strong. 2 years ago we had bud worms and California Oak Worms bad and lost about 50% of our outdoor harvest to them last year we sprayed 3 times a week with a pyrethrin concentrate mix and lost maybe a quarter ounce to the worms.

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