How can I start smoking weed?

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  1. Okay so Nobody at my high school and I mean nobody smokes weed. Well, a couple people do but they wouldn't sell to me. Do any of you have any idea on how I can begin smoking weed? Thanks! :smoking: :wave: :hello:
  2. What.. Are you in elementary school or something.. Ive never heard of a highschool or college where no where smokes XD
  3. You can grow it yourself or find someone off the street. What state do you live in that nobody smokes?
  4. hahahhahah that's what everyone saysXD but the school i go to is full of preps and ridiculously smart people:p
  5. Chill with the people that burn until they appreciate you for how awesome you are, then they'll practically throw their nuggets at you for a reasonable sum.

    Edit: Well thats how it happened to me anyway

    Edit: Edit: But really I'm not sure why people wouldn't sell to you, maybe they think you're sketchy? Ask around.

    What makes you want to smoke?
  6. I live in Vermont, in the middle of nowhere:p
  7. If you are in a rural school and there is a small student base and a small town. Then I have news for ya, it is gonna be difficult finding a connection in that enviroment. If you are in the city then will have no problems in finding a connection. Just be careful there are people out there that will rip you off or snitch on you later. Be choosy with who you use, and find someone you can trust. They are out there and are happy to have a loyal base to sell to. If in the city and you want to find a connection then look around your high school there WILL ALWAYS be kids there that smoke. You may have to look in different classes or years. They are there. Find those people you know smoke and tell them you need to get your hands on some. Ask if they want to go in half on a bag. They will usually get you in touch with their person. If not and they just get you the bud. Just be smart about it don't go blabbing to everyone, don't go snitching on anyone. If you get caught take it like a man no snitching or you will be a bitch of a man.

    If in Rural area then you will just have to find someone that smokes. Be aware it might take them sometime to get to trust you and hook you up. Be patient and be cool.

  8. Implying smart people don't smoke weed.
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    Find alcohol and from that group there have to be some who smoke. At the begining I thought there was no one doing drugs at my school like most suburban white boys. After attending parties and hanging out with plenty of people I found out a few of my friends had smoked. In 10th grade I found out there were two dealers up my street and I had 15 friends who smoked on the regular. By the end of senior year I think me and my friends had a list breaking 150 people at a school of 1,500 maybe

    If you can drive help the people who smoke out. When I was a junior I would drive the sophmore kids I was friends with around to help em and I could get smoked out whenever basically. I met their dealers and would buy with them with the good stuff. It always helps to have friends
  10. So what do you want us to tell you? Are you trying to find out how to buy it? How to grow it? Why people won't sell to you? Gotta be more descriptive on what you are looking to accomplish and how you plan on doing it so we can possibly help
  11. You just got to ask the right people I'm sure there's a grip of people that burn at ur school they are just smart and don't look like stoners. Just got to chill with people get to kno them before u busted out asking if they smoke. People like to know that they can trust someone before they will open up to you. 9 times out of 10 there's someone that's has a friend that has a friend that can get u hooked up. But don't put urself in a sketchy sitituation not worth the risk. Best of luck

    chill & smoke some bud!
  12. Well said.
  13. This is the grow section. There is another area for new tokers that may be more helpful.
  14. ^ what he said, you might want to check out apprentice tokers or a good Q & A. To answer your question though, just ask the guys if you can burn sometime and let them know you would be willing to throw down on some. You usually have to pay the majority of the amount for a couple times until they can trust you, but it usually works out, people who smoke are usually chill.

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