How can I smoke oil without rig, torch, etc.

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  1. I've got some oil that I wan't to smoke / dab but I don't have the proper tools, like a nail, rig, torch, etc. I'm to poor to afford that stuff right now. (Don't make fun of me about it.) But I have a bic lighter and a homemade bong and your normal other household materials. Is it even possible to smoke this stuff with out the proper stuff or am I just screwed? Please give me some tips and tricks if you can. thanks

  2. just pack a bowl and melt it on top of the herb
  3. Can invest in a mechanical mod e-cig and an RDA.. Maybe.. 50 bucks probably cheaper and titanium or kanthal wire which is dirt cheap on amazon..

    Some 18650 batteries and a charger. Whole thing maybe $75-80

    And you can dab all you want anywhere

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  4. Oh yeah. Thanks! I forgot all about vaping
  5. that aint dabbing though, a pen will never match a real dab from a nail.
    and dabbing = vaping
  6. It's been said put it in a doobie or a bowl, I'm sure you can use the same method as chasing the dragon never advise smoking with foil tho dude!
  7. Theres always the crackhead knife method :lol:
  8. Hot knifes? Thats a chefs method of smoking hash not a crack heads!
  9. no its a crackhead method..
  10. Maybe in America but in the uk we have a thing called a crack pipe. My head chef thought me to hot knife and his head chef before him so to me it's a chef/cooks thing.
  11. It's exactly dabbing.

    It's just a glob of wax being incinerated by titanium wire instead of titanium nail

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  12. but it isnt..
    and nothing should be incinerated while dabbing regardless. how are you gonna vape if your incinerating your material? hmm...
  13. Whatever we don't need to play semantics.

    It's a titanium wire that is flattened and you put your wax on and heats up. It's essentially a portable E-Nail I drilled a wide enough hole in mine I literally dab it.

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  14. Use a hot spoon, make sure it has no aluminum.
    Use a glass dome piece, or half a glass bottle to cover the dab when you place it onto the spoon.
    You just need to make sure the spoon it hot, you could also heat under neath.
    You can use fucking bendy-straws on the cap piece.
    It will work.
  15. The RDA looks sick.

    Nemesis Mod ~$18

    IGO- W ~$12

    Sony VTC5 18650 ~15

    18650charger ~15

    Titanium Wire ~12

    Total = $72 Dollars for a consistent dabber you can use anywhere and looks inconspicuous.

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  16. You can always put it on top of herb in a pipe of bong. If you don't have either one of those, then I suggest you hotknife it or use a car cig lighter. Good luck!
  17. Drop some on top of some cherried herb or take a butter knife heat it in a stove coil and take a bobby pin (melt the plastic off) and use it like a dab tool

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  18. What about the Zema Pro 3 in 1 or the Sticky pen?
    With the Zema, ya get E cig liquid herb and wax all in one.
    Sticky pen is cheap and you can get replacement atomizer :smoke:
    Idk, your thoughts? :)
  19. Check out the E-Cig thread in the Vapor section. It's using the mods were building on it that thread just without cotton and with titanium wire instead of Kanthal.

    IMO. This is straight up my opinion. This method is more efficient and cost effective than going down the commercial pen route. Ego batteries and "wax atomizers" break frequently because their parent companies are cheap and make money on people buying replacement units and parts.

    With this you'll eventually upgrade to two batteries and change your wire every couple weeks for almost nothing. Wire is cheap as shit as I mentioned earlier.

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  20. You can cherry a bowl and put the oil on the cherry. Might be rough though haha.

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