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How can i smoke my hash oil.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by IronLungHarry, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. as the title states, how can i smoke it. Ive been smoking for 4 years and this is the first time ive ever had the chance to buy it. i smoked some on a bowl of weed, but im all out and just have oil and a bowl. I also have no way to hot knife it.

    any suggestions for the easiest way/?

    i have 4 grams of this stuff lol
  2. Make a funnel, and use a paper clip as a dabber and your car's cig lighter as a heat source.
  3. I dont have a cig lighter in my car.

    would putting it on tin foil and putting the flame under the foil work? id then suck the smoke with a straw
  4. Thats how you smoke pills. Dont do that. Get some tobacco and roll it with the oil.

  5. I was going to suggest tobacco as well.
  6. i dont smoke tobacco man
  7. I'd put it on some pure tobacco, or use a dabber.
  8. I doubt that would work dude and many hear would suggest not to use tin foil.

    Got any ashtrays around?
    Do you smoke cigs? Got access to any?

  9. Understandable, use a dabber and funnel.
  10. what is a dabber and how would i do it?
  11. Put the oil on a thumbtack, place on table and light. Blow out flame and place glass cup upside down ontop of it to trap smoke. When cup fills with smoke, lift one edge slightly and put a straw under and enjoy :D

    [ame=]How to smoke hash - YouTube[/ame]

    Youre welcome for the help
  12. Put some tobacco in a bowl.....dab the oil with a paper clip....apply heat the opposite end of the oil on the paper should heat up and drip onto the tobacco....light and enjoy :smoke:

  13. nice! ive never seen that before, i might try it

  14. HAHAHA, good to know man, glad whatever you did worked.
  15. Not an expert, but can't you spread it on a paper for a joint?
  16. get a trippy stick, or marijuana E cig

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