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How can I smoke inside without a sploof or window?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WeedNWisdom, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone, I live with my parents and my room is in the basement. I have no window, and no dryer sheets, I have cologne, I have been just spraying it have sprayed it in a pillow and have blew my smoke into that, I'm smoking poppers, (metal rod type piece + piece of tobacco + stamps of weed) so all the smoke is pulled through the bong at once, and feedback on is they'll smell it or not? Or any suggestions on smoking without a smell please lemme know aha! Peace, ~W.I.S.ESent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  2. Why don't you just buy some dryer sheets from the dollar store. Or smoke outside?
  3. No I can get dryer sheets but there upstairs, right next to my parents room lmfao. They would know somethings up. And I can't go outside atm either Peace, ~ W.I.S.E[ While.I.Stay.Euphoric ]
  4. Just light it up man it won't smell I'll bet nobody will notice
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    You could try smoking in the bathroom with the shower on extremely hot so it gets very steamy but that will only work if you have a window in the bathroom that you can open. Just throw a towel under the door just do poppers and spray some old spice or some shit when your done and wet your hair so it looks like you took a shower.
  6. Well take your bong out and make sure there's no bud and have fun
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    get a toilet paper roll.
    then a wash cloth, thin material better...then put it in cup and pour your cologne into the cup allowing the wash cloth to absorb all the cologne.
    then use the cologne soaked wash cloth as a dryer sheet substitute and make a sploof.
    stick the rag into the cardboard roll, and secure it to the oppisite end and make it air tight somehow, so all the airflow/smoke travels through the soaked rag.

    never tried it just a stoner idea.
  8. I've had luck with using paper towels and perfume in a TP roll, using a rubber band/hair tie to secure a strip of the paper towel over the end. It didn't work perfectly, but it smelled more of perfume than weed. Without a sploof or a window... You're not gonna be able to smoke without smell. Use the tips others are giving you, makeshift sploofs, steamy showers, etc.Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity F
  9. Blow smoke inside a bottle or a ballon and dump it outside?
  10. Burn incenses but first burn them with your parents noticing and say you just like the smell or else they will have questions
  11. Do you have a fan under your microwave or above your stovetop? You can smoke under it and it will be sucked up into that. Just do that and then spray some lysol or something. You should be golden.

    I used to do that when I would smoke cigarettes inside, in an apartment I wasn't supposed to. Works fine. :)
  12. Smoking candle,ozium most head shops carry both.

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