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How can I sleep better after smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ariees, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Smoking before bed is my only time I can smoke now. Problem is I feel like shit hen I wake up. Its like even though I got 8 hours, I feel and look like Ive only gotten like 2 hours. I thought weed helped some people sleep better lol. Any way I can get normal sleep when high?
  2. Fall asleep like an hour or two after you've last smoked, not directly after you've gotten high, won't even touch REM I wake up after 6 hours or so no matter what if I fall asleep right after toking
  3. Just going to have to smoke earlier that's my solution or only smoke a little.
  4. Probably important? I am vaping just so everyone knows. Not sure if that makes a difference but yeah.
  5. I wouldn't vape right before bed, I'd smoke right before bed. Maybe that's it. Vaping your mind is just running around on THC, but with smoking you also have the nice CBD + smoke particles to help you fall asleep.
  6. When I have the opportunity I like to smoke sativa during the day and indica at night, which I can do only when I'm spending time out west. Your strong Indicas like kush and what not are usually great for relaxing the body helping with sleep. Of course you probably gotta be living somewhere that medical weed is available cause idk many folks on the street that distinguish between the two while doing business like the shops do.
  7. Get a one-hitter, take a couple rips like an hour or two before bed... = best sleep.

    I find vaporizing in the day and smoking in the night keeps me not having this problem whatsoever :smoke:
  8. Never had this problem before, maybe it's some other medication you're taking.
    Trees usually help me fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up on time.
  9. yeah, smoke like an hour or two before you plan on going to sleep. i find weed gets me hyped up initially, but always makes me sleepy after a bit. and maybe make sure to eat something substantial when you wake up.
  10. Marijuana messes with your REM sleep. That is why you feel so bad when you wake up, you should probably find a way to smoke earlier.
  11. I find that strange :confused: Whenever I smoke before I sleep, I wake up feeling like I slept for two days, on the comfiest bed in the world even if I slept on the floor ahahaha :hello: Anyway, I'd just suggest leaving it a couple hours after smoking so you get to that stage when the high's starting to wear off, and you feel a bit sleepy, then sleep. :smoke:
  12. vape however much you do, then just chill and listen to music or do something for an hour or 2. you'll get the best sleep ever

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