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  1. Well last year my girlfriend cheated and ran off with our pot dealer. we had been dating for like 4 years and had a dank apartment, the sad thing is the dealer, my ex and myself all worked at the same place... so I quit, if I diddent I would of for sure flipped out on the kid, knife in the belly crazyness! Im now living back at home, bored as shit waiting for my ex and her new bf to move so i can get my old job back. And thats my real life story:(

    Fuck that hoe!
  2. you quit your job cuz of some bitch and a weed dealer? im sorry but thats the most pathetic excuse i've ever heard
  3. That sucks man. Bitches ain't shit but hos and tricks.
  4. Yeah I quit my job, I know it was a stupid move now... sorry for being pathetic...
  5. that sucks bro. you'll find someone else tho. i wouldve quit too btw
  6. yea, I know I mean who wants to see there ex with some other guy every day?
  7. You need to learn how to toughen that shit out man.
  8. if i had to go to work every day and see my ex with the dude she ran off on me with...

    either him or her would get hurt so i cant blame ya for quitting. theres other fish in the sea man
  9. I feel for ya man, but something I have had to learn, as I hope you do, You before others mang.
  10. god, what a little cunt
  11. Most pathetic excuse ever? Do you get the jollies out of taking shots at someone who is feeling down?

    Sorry to hear that man, if she would run out on you like that shes obviously not the one for you.

    Keep your head up!
  12. hahah call the kid when hes with her and ask for a bag, then narc him out. send them both to jail hahah.

    nah im kidding thats fucked up but your situation sucks, good luck man. fuck bitches, theyre heartless.
  13. Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.

    Sorry to hear that man... fucking sucks.

    Currently going through a big heartache, can't do anything but drink and mope around.

    Whoever says get over it, truly does not know the essence of pure love.
  14. Ive thought about it
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    Im just glad I diddent come home early from work and walk in on something. Glad to see all the support tho, thanks everyone!
  16. you should have a go at her about how much of a fucking bitch she is in front of him so he either has to
    A. step up and defend her honor, then kick his ass
    B. step down and let her take your shit in which case he's a bitch and she'll realise he's a bitch.
  17. Man all you fuckers are wrong. except the guy that said bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks, because we all know they can lick on these nuts and suck the dick.

    Seriously though. move on. i know, it sounds hard. i too have had my heart broke, and listening to Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and Hank William Sr., while sitting alone in the dark isnt going to help you at all. stay away from booze too. i did some STUUUUPID shit in the 3 week drunk i had after getting dumped. no shit i was drunk for 3 weeks straight. didnt know it till i sobered up. freaky shit.

    you know what you need to do... fuck someone new. then someone else new. keep fucking until you find one you kinda like. then see how that goes. it's the only way you'll move on. the easiest way to forget about someone is to find someone new.

    My ex broke my heart by dumping me for some fruit she worked with. so i started dating again after a month. was i over her? fuck no. but word got back to her and guess what happend... 3 months after she dumped me she came back crying saying it was the worst mistake she ever made in her life. it was hard to act like i didnt care, but i could never trust her again, so i told her to keep on keepin on. I still care for her, but i dont talk to her anymore.

    if i was in your position, i would have beat the shit out of my dealer, and never said a word to her again. i wouldnt have quit because i would have wanted it to be really awkward at work, until both of them quit. but i love confrontation...

    What was you job that you liked so much anyway?
  18. hahaha, dude, this is the best advice ive gotten in a while! My job was soo slack, I stocked shelves at a grocery store, I know not the best of jobs out there, but it paid the bills and they where very pot friendly, no drug testing or anything. Now that im out of work and she's out of my life Im thinking about going back to school. Anyways, thanks for the advice
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    duuude. really? fuck that job in the ass. theres a million pot friendly jobs out there. the job i just got laid off from was SUPER pot friendly, my job before that... even more so. and i had to drive a forklift with millions of dollars worth of shit on it, at both jobs!

    Look for a new job at mom and pop shops, or places that stoners are obviously going to work at. i've been thinking of checking out the local gardening and hydro stores to see if they need help. Skate shops, or any board sport shops are golden. you think only surfers are stoners? hang around skaters and snowboarders. Art galleries, music studios, Music stores... think of shit you like to do while your stoned, and find a way to get paid for it.

    Smaller, less commercial places are the way to go. remember, you can pass a drug test. there are a million threads on this site that will tell you how to do so.

    as far as going back to school, thats what im doing. going back to school is never a bad idea.
  20. classic.

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