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How can i safely hotbox my truck??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by megamondays, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. hot boxing is a waste of brain cells. smells like ass, eyes water, car/room reeks, you bong water, not bud unfortunately. just kinda pointless tbh,its not like you get any higher. such thing as stale smoke
  2. Roll up truck windows turn on a good jam such as some Floyd with Syd early Floyd fire up a fat j or whatever is your smoking preference of choice and just chill enjoy the good vibes.
  3. [quote name='"claytonb11"']If your interior isnt leather and you hotbox it will smell for a while dude...most of the smell can be taken care of by airing it out and some air freshener, but its is going to noticably smell like weed FOR A FEW DAYS. I dont know what all these people are thinking lol its going to stick to everything in the interior for a while even if you air it out. If your mom goes into it within the next 3 or so days there is a GOOD chance she will notice it. Sorry to say but unless it is your own car and you dont have to worry about it you shouldnt be hotboxing your car. And to add if your having as big of a hotbox as you said its going to smell for like a week I would think. Im telling you now if you do it your going to get caught if your mom uses it anytime soon, im sure you will do it anyways, but ill be saying I told you so haha I blaze in my car all the time and know alot of people who do also.[/quote]

    No, not really. Just drive on a freeway with the windows down, drive the whole way home with your windows down.

    Keep the AC off, if smoke gets circulated then it'll definitely smell the next time you turn it on

  4. dude he always is featured in wiz's songs. esp the new album that came out today:)
  5. You can air it out and shit and it will still stink and you may not even notice it, especially if you have fabric lining.
  6. Hire a health and safety expert to observe you, that should be safe enough :)
  7. With some weed and air tight windows .
  8. Buy a $3 can of ozium at Walmart
  9. [quote name='"HighStateToke"']hot boxing is a waste of brain cells. smells like ass, eyes water, car/room reeks, you bong water, not bud unfortunately. just kinda pointless tbh,its not like you get any higher. such thing as stale smoke[/quote]

    THIS^^^^ and it doesn't get u higher only 10% of THC is exhaled out of ur lungs and the thc evaporates within 5-7 seconds so um no
  10. Its definitly my truck now, paid my parents for it, used to be my parents but they only use it for hauling (which i will say doesnt happen often, but it happens not on a schedule). I think we will not hotbox. Seems like i would be taking a risk i dont want to take.
    Thanks everyone :)

  11. Ive got a BMW 3 series and when i hot box and it gets too much I just crack a window for a minute and conntinue, its a nice break. I know people say never to break the hot box, but there is a certain point that it just gets too much with. Its a LOT of weed, but it does happen. 2 Blunts at once did it for me. One for the front, One bigger one for the back.:smoking::smoking:
  12. hot boxing usually isn't a planned thing it just happens in the winter when its too cold to have your windows down
  13. Get yourself a can of Ozium. Thank me later.
  14. [quote name='"Manik209"']Get yourself a can of Ozium. Thank me later.[/quote]

    Hey. Hey.

    We got it.
  15. Safely? Lock all the doors, have a first aid kit, and make sure there are no sharp objects around. Also, don't run with scissors.
  16. Do the Ozium hustle (seriously though, don't be in the car when you spray the stuff) .

    I feel like I should be sponsored by Ozium, I just posted about it in another thread.

    Me and my roommate hotboxed like 3.0g-ish out of a huge spoon in his Chevy Malibu - it was awesome. I hadn't hotboxed in awhile. After about half of it we were straight breathing potsmoke, no way you could get any air that wasn't getting you high. I was high for like 2 hours. Enjoy!

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