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How can i safely hotbox my truck??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by megamondays, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. So i just freakin cleaned my entire tahoe the back and everything and took out the third row seats and folded dfown the second row for a nice large sitting area. Later in the week a few bud buddies of mine are gonna go and hotbox the whole damn thing till we cant see our hands infront of our faces :D
    I have the space, big chevy tahoe, we got hella bud, and a good loacation.
    here is our plan:

    We are going to meet up and (probably illegally as well) pile everyone, about 6 or 7 people in the thing so we only have to take the one. We are going to ascend a sparsely populated like 4 mile long hill that people go up all the time to chill in their cars and have sex and stuff, cops don't really go up there. We are gonna burn and listen to music. Then leave and have fun.

    its all fine right? except the smell. The smoke is going to touch every square inch of the interior and it will probably wreak. I was told i should just go down the highway for awhile. with all the windows down and spray air freshener for like awhile.

    The reason why i am worried about smell is because of my parents. My mom uses my tahoe for the dogs and trailer and stuff. So it CANT smell like asap.

    ideas? help? thanks :smoke:
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    I don't hotbox at all really, but if you open the windows while you drive home and can leave a window cracked in a garage or something overnight, most of the smell should be gone. I smoke in my car all the time and thats what I do, it never smells too bad after airing out. You can also buy a little matchbook of incense to mask the smell better if you want. I like the smell of them so sometimes I burn one in my cars ash tray after burning one.

    this is what they look like:

    Oh, and we can't get it here except for like $20 a can at headshops, but I have heard Ozium spray saves lives (I haven't used it though).
  3. Ozium my man. CAll some headshops. Find one in ur area that has it, not all may, but definitley some legit ones. It's amazing it will rid ur car of any dankeness that may have once crept the earth.
  4. if you have leather interior it's not problem. if you don't then if it's overnight with the window cracked it should air out by morning but i would bring some febreeze and spray the interior just to be safe.

    edit: if you're going to be smoking j's/blunts you're definatley going to need the febreeze xD
  5. "Got a can of Ozium in the truck"!
  6. [quote name='"KingStun10"']"Got a can of Ozium in the truck"![/quote]

    The almighty Spitta. :)
  7. They sell ozium at hardware stores, walmart, etc. It's not paraphenilia, just reeeeally fucking useful
  8. haha cloth interior :p i will hit up my local headshops and see about all that stuff. and probably pipe or bong.

    thanks guys
  9. im glad that someone got the reference
  10. [quote name='"KingStun10"']

    im glad that someone got the reference[/quote]

    Curren$y really hasn't gotten anywhere in music. It sucks, because he deserves so much more. Jet Life.
  11. Just a heads up, if you hot box it too much, every breath you take is going to burn the fuck out of your sinuses and throat. Your eyes will also be on fire.
  12. Are you guys having orgys? lol but....:bolt:

    Also this plan sounds freaking amazing! :smoke:

  13. hmm i will keep that in mind. ive never hotboxed before. but thanks.
  14. Sounds like a high school stoner movie plot to me.

    Anyway, I have a funny feeling something stupid happens and you're going to get caught by your mom somehow. But you only live once so good luck to ya.

  15. ...or just got to autozone or walmart.
    But yeah, it'll clear your car out in about a minute.
  16. i would not hotbox the car if i was in your situation. dont risk it, you might get your car taken away. i would park the car somewhere and go somewhere to smoke. make sure you open the windows on the drive back because your clothes might cause the car to smell(smoke particles easily attach to clothes).
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    If your interior isnt leather and you hotbox it will smell for a while dude...most of the smell can be taken care of by airing it out and some air freshener, but its is going to noticably smell like weed FOR A FEW DAYS. I dont know what all these people are thinking lol its going to stick to everything in the interior for a while even if you air it out. If your mom goes into it within the next 3 or so days there is a GOOD chance she will notice it. Sorry to say but unless it is your own car and you dont have to worry about it you shouldnt be hotboxing your car. And to add if your having as big of a hotbox as you said its going to smell for like a week I would think. Im telling you now if you do it your going to get caught if your mom uses it anytime soon, im sure you will do it anyways, but ill be saying I told you so haha I blaze in my car all the time and know alot of people who do also.
  18. air it out with a nice drive and then ozium that bitch and roll up the windows. in like 30 minutes it should smell like a dentists office.

    dont stay in the truck after you spray that shit lol

  19. How would he get his car taken away??
  20. By the sounds of it, it is his parents car so thats a pretty obvious one. Or he could get pulled over and get it impounded....boom two reasons off the top of my head that it could get taken away (and im no rocket scientist here..)

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