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How can I properly store MJ and keep it as fresh as possible for a long time?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by UnluckyClover, May 26, 2010.

  1. Aight blades, unfortunately im going to be put on a sort of probation. Pre-trial diversion to be

    exact, and Im going to get tested every month for the next 6 months :(. Needless to say my

    stoner days are going to be put behind me for now but I still need to buy from my dealer

    every once and a while to keep the dude around. However since I cannot smoke I was

    wondering if you guys could give me any tips on how I can store my MJ so that its as fresh as

    possible even after 6months. Thanks guys:wave:
  2. uh a few different ways. Mansion jar or sum glass jar that seals well. Or you can get one of those vacuum pack things that will suck the air out of w/e it is. Then put w/e you're using in the freezer
  3. is your dealer like that? if you don't call him for a while he wont want to sell to you no more? he sucks
  4. like the dude two above me said but mispelled, a mason jar. (not mansion lol)
    or any jar that has air tight seal.
  5. I hear the freezer works wonders.
  6. Ok make sure the weed ur going to store is dreid out all the way with no moisture, this will make sure your weed doesnt mold up, this is really all you need to worry about when storing weed for long times, i have some bud i kept for a year or so and its the best weed i ever smoked....kinda like wine you kno? Just keep inside a mason jar and make sure ur weed is dried 100% b4 u store it....(you can make sure its dry by breaking the stems on the bud and if it has a good "SNAP" to it that means its dried out good)

    Hope this helps
  7. Unfortunately yeah my dealer is like that. and ok so it looks like i need to invest in a vaccume sealed bag thing and put that into a mason jar and stick that shit in the freezer lol? Whats the best way to thaw out my green after my time is up?
  8. i use thoe pop top glass jars with the rubber grommets to keep it extra air tight i put a bag surronding every part of the top across the opening that popping it shut... fits like 2 o's of reggie. and for keeping it long time id say do all that then storing it in the freezer. should be like the day you bought it once you start smoking.
  9. Don't bother with the vacuum thingy. Just use any air tight jar and remember to open it up every few days.
  10. i would bother with vacuum sealer, if theres no air it wont mold
  11. Mason Jars all the way every day.
  12. Mason jar.
    step 1. Buy weed.
    step 2. Put weed in mason jar.
    step 3. Close jar.

    Anything your paying $$ for should be dried and cured already, mold isnt an issue. I grow my own, i jar it with more moisture in the bud than most of what I buy, and its sealed for months at a time. No mold, I promise. Burp the jar every week, if you feel like it, and your golden.
  13. mason jars for large amounts. stick that shit in the freezer and wait, if you gotta transport small bits. film canisters and pill bottles are good shit too.
  14. all you need is a good air-sealed jar.
  15. i have an idea. keep buying from him, and mail some to me. i'll keep it nice and "safe" and totally return it to you after a few months.

    don't mind my P.O. box........

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