how can I prevent my trim/buds from going to sap. . .

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    Recently my buddy and I got 2 elbows of some really nice FRESH lavender, we did the exact same thing we've done a thousand times before but this time the concentrate came out really REALLY sappy, to the point where u touch it and it automatically grabs ur skin and stretches. We left it purging we tried to even stir it up and every time the same thing. I know when trim is really old and dry it comes out real dark and sappy but this is fresh really good trim. Is there a way to prevent this? Or a way to change the consistency of the concentrate to a more shatter like form? The sap smells and tastes absolutely great just . . . No one likes to mess with it. If u can help me out please post. . .

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  2. That's just how some strains come out. Especially the terpy ones, you can't prevent it sometimes.

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  3. If you have access to ever clear you can dissolve and evap. Since using EC I haven't gotten anything but shatter.
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  4. Mostly if you can pull and snap off a piece it should be fine. Usually terpy oil is sappy like that other guy said
  5. Save it as yer headstash, as long as its purged and you know it, you're fine, right? Screw the people who say its underpurged or whatever. Before i knew the benefits of terps i didnt give a shit about saving them, and purged my oil until it was essentially decarbed, so it was always dark and sappy. It tasted gnar sometimes, but it's perfectly fine. The consistency itself dosnt matter at all unless you're sharing with some really snobby people. I like variety in consistency, as do most, and as long as you can pull it off parchment easily i'll enjoy dabbing it. It dosn't matter that its a little sappy, some strains stay sappy as hell. It's something you just can't prevent sometimes. It dosn't always mean terps, like when I overpurged, but it often does mean terpy oil, like the dr brought up. Terps are solvents in themselves, so they're keeping your oil "wet."
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