How can i not get caught?

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  1. Yo, I always manage to get caught smokin and I dont know how, i always lock my door and I always lean out my window but somehow i always get caught, Is their anything else you think i should do?

    feel free to share stories about how youve nearly got caught by your parents or guardian on this post :)
  2. when i was in high school i would go in my bathroom and turn the shower on. the water vapor gets rid of the smoke and smell and then if parent ask what im doing i say im in the shower. then spray lysol and change clothes.
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Reduce/Eliminate The Smell of Weed Smoke[/ame] :p

    I tryed it once for fun, works well but don't get too high or you'll forget to blow on it like I did with my friends xD
  4. What are you smoking with pieces or joints/blunts. If your smoking a joint or blunt your most likely going to get caught the smell stays around for a while, with a pipe or bong the smell usually goes away in a few minutes or less for me. Keep fragrance handy or you could always do the "Toilet paper tube method" which is just taking a cardboard tube and filling it up with a few dryer sheets and blowing your smoke through it. Good luck
  5. I smoke joints, blunts are hardly used in the UK

    that method looks jokes actually
  6. Use a small pipe, Don't take huge hits, Use a lid to cover the bowl as soon as you're done taking in the hit. Hold it in as long as you can blow it out the window. Use a little bit of incense/air freshener whatever.

    Using a joint will get you caught every time... Too much smoke and smells get into the air.
  7. so you've been caught more than once? maybe it's the fact that whoever's catching you ALREADY KNOWS YOU SMOKE.
    looks like smoking at the parents' house isn't an option for you any more.

  8. The method looks funny but you would be surprised on how effective it actually is, but like a lot of others said, it don't work well with joints, you would need to either invest in a pipe or manufacture one yourself, which isn't all that hard, and I'm sure some stoner's here have some video links for that too.
  9. ^^^this exactly. If you want to push it, try the shower method already mentioned. Sounds effective. good luck to ya.
  10. LOL I didn't have any dryer sheets in college so I used tissues with febreeze sprayed on em. That seemed to work until I got a harsh hit and coughed into the sploof, blowing the waded up tissues out the tissue at the end. Shot like a spit wad, made me and my roommate laugh for a good 5 minutes.
  11. using a gb is, in my oppinion, the best way to be descrete about it

    if you make one with a 7/11 big gulp cup or something else with a cap, it will look like a cup instead of a gb, and have a cap to stop the smell from getting out

    you can also take gb's without ripping them, by just sucking in and pushing down, so it eliminates any sound too

    and by simply rolling up a towel and blowing into it, any smell and smoke is eliminated

    i have no idea why it works, but just blowing into a towel will keep your room smelling fine, it will leave a lip stain on certain colors though, so make sure the towel is brown or black
  12. Just smoke off property/outside in a non-illuminated area. No parental figures = You don't get caught. Fire up a joint, (and cram it in the lower part of a cigarette w/ the filter removed), and walk down the street. Away you go.
  13. Instead of the toilet paper roller I have used a paper towel roller and stuffed that bitch with dryer sheets. It works great. Your room ends up smelling like incense. Plus I kept some air freshener handy just in case.
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    Get a window fan, face it so it blows OUT the window, and make a sploof.
    Use a glass piece[spoon,bubbler,bong,ect] and only pack enough to cash completly in ONE hit/breathe. Its very important to cash the whole 'bowl'/one hitter in one hit, because smoke that comes directly off of the bowl smells more then what you exhale.

    As soon as you finish the hit, blow it through the sploof towards the back of the fan so that the smoke gets sucked out.
    IF you do this with the fan, then DO NOT block cracks or openings in the door, or the smoke will just stay in the room.
    Spray a TIINY TINY bit of spray like Oust, and wait like 10 minutes or so between hits, and keep the fan running.
    Repeat with one hitters/snaps until you feel high enough.
  15. for the most part sploofs(dryer sheets and toliet paper roll) work well.
    i used to smoke outta a pipe with a sploof with the shower on and got away with it usually:)
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  18. dont smoke indoors,

  19. so shouldnt this be in a diffrent forum?
  20. My best advice as well. I think a pipe will make your weed go farther too. A joint or blunt is constantly burning.

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