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How can I make schwagg last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Johny Potsmoker, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I just bought 1.5 grams of some shitty ass schwagg. I can tell that it came over in a brick, it's really hard, dry, flat, and just barely green. How can I get the most value out of it and make it last? I'm guessing absolutely no J's and just smoke it out of a bowl?
  2. You can't make it last. You'll probably have to smoke it all at once to even get high.
  3. Buy a one hitter, or only take several small hits from the same amount, pack it tightly so you can keep hitting any resin that might (hopefully) build up.
  4. If you have a bong just pack .5 and kill yourself with a hit or two.
  5. dont smoke for a month, dont waste money on stuff you actually dont need, and sell stuff you dont need on craiglist.

    i did this and i went from broke with no weed to 5Gs of dank(lemon haze and orange kush) and 90$ in a little over 1 week. imagine how much you can get in a month.
  6. Vaporizer, or ... wait i can't think of anything else.
  7. Just smoke it and try not to worry about making it last.
  8. Don't buy schwag. Done
  9. I guess gravity bong would be the best? I always use one if I'm low on weed, I find I get the hardest hit possible with the smallest amount of bud :)
  10. That^
  11. I'm gonna be constructive instead of saying something shitty like "don't buy schwag lol".

    Your best bet is probably a bong or a gravity. You're right, don't roll it if you want it to last.
  12. Def grav bong or vape.. I don't own a vape so idk how it works with schwag.
  13. Wait until your pretty tired to smoke. When I'm already tired it takes less to get me stoned and the high is so relaxing. The mids I get seem to be indica dom
  14. That was productive... Ever heard the expression quality V quantity? Which would last you longer, a gram of schwag or a gram of dank?
  15. I've never seen schwag here in Canada
    I've seen some pretty shitty weed but nothing too bad
    Never have I ever even heard about brick weed here

  16. Is this a trick question?

    First of all, you shouldn't smoke schwag. But if you do, there should be no, "how do I make it last?" If you're buying schwag you should be buying AT LEAST a quarter if not half or an O. Otherwise, there really isn't a point in buying schwag. If it's the only thing you can get in your area, then just buy more than just 1.5 grams at a time.

    I'm surprised someone was even willing to sell that small amount of schwag.
  17. Yeah, but if all you have is a gram of schwag and there's no way for you to get a gram of dank, you're not just going to throw it away angerly because you want quality...You're going to smoke that shit regardless.

    Not everyone has the ability to get dank weed all the time, sometimes you got to smoke shit to get high. Life is tough, don't make it tougher.
  18. I don't know about you guys but I don't even get high from vaping shwag. The only time I get baked is when I use dank (in a vaporizer).
  19. Schwagg G-Bong hits? Come on, were trying to get him high not destroy his lungs:rolleyes:
  20. Even if it's a 4:1 ratio (5/g vs 20/g), dank is still better. And yeah, I totally understand what your saying. Purely advice for the future.

    I'm not making it tougher, just trying to help. Hell, I have a hard time finding dank now that my dealer just got stung.

    Vaporization is by FAR the best way to conserve weed, but if someones pinching pennies on 1.5 of schwagg, it's not really worth the mention.

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