How can I make plant healthy?

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  1. image.jpeg my plant keeps getting worse and worse. Help!
  2. Are you over watering?
  3. We need more info? Lights? Watering schedule? Temps? Are you giving nutes?
  4. Hi Mari. Yes, your plant looks like it's definitely on it's last leg. My first question would be how much time and effort did you put into learning the way to grow a MJ plant indoors before you planted this seed and started this plant? If you had done any reading up on the subject at all, you would've discovered some of what I call the "basics" of indoor growing. The first problem I see is (even though I can only see just a tiny bit of it in the cup) your soil. MJ needs a very light and arid soil because it demands super good drainage. The plant does not like it's roots sitting in constant moist conditions and unless the soil you are using to grow it in is the right mix and consistency, it's like your plant is sitting in a sponge full of water....NOT GOOD. Do you know what happens when you put a germinated seed into soil? The seedling immediately goes about creating a root system. Until this is done, the foliage pretty much just sits there and waits. Until the root system is created to the satisfaction of the plant, it will use very little to no water and the foliage doesn't grow much. When it's finished rooting in, you'll see the foliage start to grow more vigorously and will notice that the plant is using water at a faster rate. From the time you plant one into soil, you give it nothing until you can pick up the cup or container it's growing in and it feels like it's dead dry. Only then do you give it properly pH'd water (range of 6.3 to 6.7 for soil growing) and put it back under the light. When it uses up enough water and feels dry like by before, water it again with only pH'd water and put back under the light. WHEN the plant gets larger than the container it's in (wider and taller), it's usually time for a repot into a container 1 size larger. Confining the root space gets the plant rooted in quicker and the foliage back to growing. If you bring your seedling up like this, you'll require very few nutes throughout the veg process and your plant should be healthy...assuming you've got it under enough light. We usually don't even start nutes until a couple of weeks before ours go into flower.

    Unless you take the time to read and research and figure out how this is done, you're just going to screw up. Go to the new grower threads and read. There are several posts there just for the new grower that contain the very basic info you'll need to be able to do this successfully. It's not rocket science, but there is a method and you better take the time to figure out what that method is or it'll just keep you stressed out all the time and you won't end up with any bud in the end. TWW
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  5. I've been using 2 23w CFL lights and 2 40w CFL lights. I recently got a fan to cool it off. I haveng been watering it lately because it looks over watered and over fed too. I recently transplanted it from miricle gro to ecoscraps, and ever since that it's been getting worse
  6. Google Marijuana Horticulture: Growers bible free pdf
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    I've been doing a lot of research on it, I had it in mircile gro but took it out and put it in ecoscraps (which people said grows well). At first it started out as just being over watered and some heat stress but then it's been getting worse and worse. It looks a lot worse every day.
  8. Did you damage the roots during transplant?
  9. Not that I'm aware of, I watered it a few days before so it would be all stuck together. I used a butter knife around the edges to take it out. Then I put it in a strainer to get as much dirt out as possible then I washed the roots to get all of the soil out from the roots
  10. washing the roots likely stressed it out quite a good bit. Especially at such a young age
  11. It's actually around 7 weeks old. I used miracle gro so I'm pretty sure it stunned it's growth. It's around 4.5 inches tall. I've been reading a lot of other threads similar to mine and it seems like most of them are bad soil/over watered, ph, and stress level. I don't have munch money So I can't get the amazing stuff like fox farm. I have ecoscraps and some nutes from Walmart. A few days ago I started to germinate more seeds. I am getting a ph tester today and some Epsom salt. But my guess is that she won't make it.
  12. 7 weeks? Is her pot too small?

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  13. No. I actually transplanted it to a smaller one because it was in a gallon pot but the roots were so small
  14. needs more room to grow. You shouldnt transplant while stressed but if it were in a 3 gal I feel like it would do better
  15. It might but I read that small plant in a big pot isn't healthy. Honestly I think I'm just going to kill it and start over, I don't think it can be saved anymore. I fix one problem then like 50 other problems happen.

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