How can I make my plant healthier?

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  1. She's about 4 weeks into vegging (cloned her from flowering mother) and leaves look fairly decent. Most of the roots are white but I'm noticing some brownish roots & the brown roots seem to cluster together. Also noticed on one of the brown brown roots was a dead ant like insect intertwined with it, any ideas what that could be? I'll give more details/photos below.
    DWC grow - 5 gallon black bucket/3 gallons of distilled water each refeed
    2 airstones in container
    change the bucket/water every 1-2 weeks
    using 4 panel LED light with Mylar all around room
    2 clip on fans on her
    18/6 light cycle
    room does get a little warm during the day but I'm using hydroguard

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  2. Looks great. Keep doing what you are. The roots also look good. They are constantly growing and shedding off old cells, so some will naturally brown and thicken. The bacteria in hydroguard will eat those cells and convert them to nutrients that the plant can take back up.

    You're doing fine.
  3. Alrighty, you think I should cut the dead/brown roots and pull em or just leave them alone and let the plant do its thing?
  4. Next time u post pics, take them under natural light.
  5. Alrighty, here's some photos under regular lighting.
    Posted some photos of the canopy also.

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  6. Just leave them alone unless it's turning to rot - but it isn't.

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