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How can i make my gf let me smoke?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by zunzung, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I've been dating my gf for about 6 months now. I'm a stoner just like every member of GC. My gf and I never have any problems with our relationship, we are both loyal and love each other. BUT she HATES the fact that Im a stoner and that i have/had a bong,lighter,gpen,e cig blah blah blah. At first when we started going out, she was fine with me smoking but shes been getting mad at me lately for smoking. I have smoked with her couple times in the past and she enjoyed it but she just doesnt want me to smoke now:confused::confused::confused:. Anyways we just had a big argument saying that I hang out with sketchy people (my friends who are great people) and that i smoke behind her back. :mad: I love this girl but i just hate how she tries to control who i hangout with and what i do. and i dont want to break up with her because we have no other problems besides her not wanting me smoke.
    I guess she doesn't like me smoking behind her back with out her knowing ? :confused: I dont know what to say to her because she keeps on saying its my fault but i really think shes just overreacting.
    Any ideas on what i should tell her to convince her to let me smoke?
  2. She should accept you for who you are ... Maybe she thinks theres negatives about weed , if so I suggest you sit down with her and watch The Union on netflix
  3. You need to nip this in the bud now!
    This is about control more than cannabis.
    If you gave in she would find something else about you to change.
    Tell her you wont quit till YOU decide to and she needs to decide and shut up about it if she decides to stay.

    If you lose her over this so be it.
    Long term you will be much happier.
  4. either get her to smoke and get to realize its nothing harmless or this is going to be a ongoing issue where you will have to decide if you wanna her or maryjane.

    maybe your friends are sketch? bring ur girl w/ you? maybe you need to give her the D so she can lay off you.

    idk good luck.
  5. She thinks because she has the pussy that she has the power.

    Now it's up to you to decide if she actually possesses such strong powers.
  6. Grow a pair of nuts and tell her you're gonna smoke. If she don't like it she can leave. Sounds like a controlling bitch who's not worth the headache. Next thing you know she's gonna be telling you who you can and can't hang out with and how to dress.
  7. dump her. its the only way.
  8. really, when a person is against what u do u cant really change there mind unless u act or do nothing and see what the long run this relationship will not really work out if this is an issue now and later
  9. Tell her if she wants to know when you're smoking, then she must also be informed of everything you do. Toasting a bagel? Send her a text, let her know. Spreading cream cheese on the bagel? Let her know. Took that first bite? Send her a text. Gotta take a piss? Text her!

    What exactly is her problem with weed? You said she's tried it and enjoyed it. Is it because you smoke it with friends who she (I'm assuming) doesn't know and has a bad perception of? Is it what you think, that she just wants to know when? Is it maybe she thinks your priorities aren't right?

    Regardless, you can't "make her let you smoke," but you can continue to smoke if you want. You have to weigh the risks, unless you're willing to try and compromise with her.
  10. If she hates that you're a stoner then she hates a part of you. She wants you to change and she has no right to do that.

    Just tell her you're gonna smoke whether she likes it or not. Then she'll either accept it or dump you. Saves you the hassle.
  11. Call her everytime you smoke. Let her listen to you cough. Then she can't get mad for you smoking behind her back! 8)
  12. You can't just make her let you smoke.

    And what the hell is this "let" thing anyway? Like she needs to "let" you smoke? Are you not a grown ass man who can make his own decisions? :p

    Why would you want to be in a serious relationship with someone who disapproves of something that you enjoy doing and don't want to quit?

    Either quit smoking or find a new girlfriend... :confused_2:

  13. perfect description of my girlfriend right there :p

  14. She just thinks its gross? annd she doesnt want her bf to be a 'stoner'. I dont get her i act 100% normal when im faded and nobody ever notices the diffrence

  15. lololol :smoking::hide:

  16. And let me take a wild stab here, you're both maybe 15-18 years old? :p

  17. yup both 18 :p
  18. tell her if she keeps doing this you think it'd be best to take a break for a while. could end up badly.. but what's worse than having a gf who won't let you smoke and you have to go behind her back all the time or change for her (please please pelase please don't do this buddy haha) and like the other guy said it'll start with pot and end with how low your balls sag.
  19. Lol. Impressive

  20. Well then, forgive me for being totally insensitive, but just find a new girlfriend. :p

    I mean, really, at 18 years old you're obviously not going to be together forever.

    "doesn't want her bf to be a 'stoner'"

    She's still so caught up in what people think of her that she doesn't even want you to smoke weed because people might think that her boyfriend is a stoner. :eek:

    I mean, give me a break. You guys are young and obviously not compatible, just move on. :confused_2:

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