How can I make money?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hazed, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Is bein a pizza delivery guy any good? I dunno if its worth the $ with miles on my car

    I quit telemarketing alrdy lmao
  2. Its not too bad, a lot of miles tho. Why not check into landscaping or something?
  3. yea now that its spring, (today or tommorrow?) there will prolly be a lot of outdoor physical work jobs opening up, those pay like $13/hr and you get a workout
  4. Kind of hard work to do in FL, the sun
  5. get a job as a cashier at publix.... i work at marsh (it's indiana's publix i guess) anyway, i get paid $7.50, easy work, good hours, flexible (took this whole week off and didn't get one bit of grief for it)... i started assisting in dairy so in a couple weeks i'll be getting a $1.50 raise, not bad after a month and a half of employement.... so check that out

    you could always sell stuff on ebay until your ready to get a job (and a pizza delivery guy is a decent job, if you're willing to do the mileage)

    also, a host/server at a nice restaurant.... the nicer the better, greater chance for a good tip... but a nice down to earth place could be cool too

    or how about a tobacco shop? i noticed there are a few down there....
  6. There is alot of money in prostitution these days.
  7. good call drugs too
  8. hah! go for it hazed.
  9. Nah no aids thx tho
  10. all i hear is "blah blah blah, i'm a quitter"
  11. lol im gonna go for the waiter job, leaving to apply @ places on the beach in 20 mins :D
  12. sell crack and live a THUG life
  13. I'm a landscaping foreman. If you can speak Spanish, you pretty much get the job. I help my vatos out, ya know what I mean. I get 15 dollars a month. Its easy.

    But if I lived in Flordia, I would work at a bar on the beach or something. That would be fucking sweet!
  14. 15 dollars a month? Is that a typo?
  15. perhaps he meant per hour.

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