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how can i make a gas mask bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by phyking, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. out of items in my house? i would like a good one too.
  2. uummm....think....Gas mask, stem roller, duct tape. And if you cant duck it, fuck it. Go by one...
  3. k no gas mask, no money. looking for homemade
  4. Fuck a mask, take a joint/blunt/pipe/bong/bubbler underneath your blanket and toke up. same effect.
  5. I would figure you would need a gasmask for a gasmask bong don't ya think?
  6. yeah man. you need a gas mask for that, if you don't have one, it's pretty much out of the question. Also, you can't expect everyone to know what you have in your house. Give us some vialble options first and do some creative thinking before you go about posting or making anything.
  7. You can get a gas mask for around 17 bucks on ebay. Be careful of the russian GP7s or whatever there called, really uncomfortable and hard to get on, bad for partys and stuff.

    I got an old mask of the same model most headshops sell, but without the drinking thing on the side, like the little port. 20 bucks including shipping. it came with 2 like ww2 filters, and i retrofitted one to seal against a pipe, and you can hold a bong strait to the mask and it will seal for an average sized one, or a bottle bong. some bottles might even screw into the filter threads.

    Use your head, it's not hard.
  8. closest thing i could suggest is a snorkling mask. You just make a bowl ontop of the tube and hit that. Googles u just put on to look stupid. Got my friends ripped when they tried it out.

    Good luck bro
  9. make one out of those darth vader or optimus prime voice changing masks. That would be tight.
  10. Try a paintball mask or a motorcycle helmet

  11. where would the carb though

  12. Scubabong!!! Like Michael Phelps, that's how he gets high. Puts on a scubabong and goes swimming :yay:
  13. Where can I find a steam roller? I have an Israeli gas mask and duct tape, so I need to make a bong from that shit. Money is not an issue really (within reason). I also have bongs so I could use parts from those.
  14. Holy shit dude that'd be NASTY. I can it now...'Iron Man 2 Bong mode mask'
  15. How to make a gasmask bong hmm? This reminds me of the time my friend asked me how I made the honey mustard :rolleyes: Their is no secret ingredient it's called a GASMASK BONG. You need a gasmask and a bong, a tube is optional.

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