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How can i make a ash catcher? homemade.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xXx515reptarXxX, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. So basically this is my story...i lost my pipe about a month ago in the trunk of my car. :(
    it was a little stealth bullet type of pipe..
    I also had another small piece in my house. and someone stole it.
    So now im going to try and relive some old memorys. and make a Kick Ass bong. but ive never used or seen a ash catcher. So if someone could be kind and teach me how to make one that would be awesome. and hook it up to the bong itself.
  2. I know this doesn't directly answer your question, but if you want to manage your ash in a bowl you can always use these super cheap pipe screens. They work like a charm on my pipe, bubbler, and bong. Just jam them in the bowl. You also don't lose any bud this way. They are sold at most tobacco shops if you don't want to buy online. 100 Brass Gold Tobacco Pipe Screens: Health & Personal Care
  3. Get 5 bats and cow blood. Batwings be skewered SPIDER like, sprinkle some blood. Crusty!
  4. no clue man, you are better off just buying a new piece instead of using potentially dangerous things ([lastic, foil, etc,) found around your house. However, if you are going to be smart and actually plan and construct a legitimate piece then more power to you.

    I am lazy though and just buy my pieces, leaves more time for :smoke:
  5. Thank you all. but i know. i just am kinda not wanting to spend hundreds of dollars on a bong. :( and i want a good one with all the "attachments" if you would like to call it. but i think im going to just get a little bowl. for like 10 bucks.
  6. Well if you can find a tube with the diameter the right size to fit a pill bottle, take a pill bottle, drill a few holes in the bottom, and shove it in the bong. Only thing I can think of sober
  7. Well get high and think this through!! lol. Thanks man. I'll have to look around the house some more.
  8. Dude just buy a new piece:p
  9. Well if you don't wanna spend a lot on a quality bong, you can always just get like a $20 one. It won't have an ashcatcher or anything, but it's a bong. Just a thought if you really wanna use a bong but don't want to drop a lot on one.
  10. I'm all for making homemade glass bongs, but if you aren't a blower, you're better off going commercial for an AC.

    The cheapest way to effectively accomplish what you're trying to do is to make your bong using a bought gong downstem and then just buy a cheap AC that fits your joint.

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