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how can i lower my thc levels?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CatInTheHat, May 14, 2009.

  1. I went to court and judge said I had to lower the level of thc in my system or its off to rehab so I need your help. Please explain how I can do this.

    I cannot use ready clean or anything like that because the creatine in it comes up on the test. So im open to any suggestions.
  2. Don't smoke? Drink lots of water?
  3. Don't smoke. Drink water. Run. Exercise. Don't smoke. Drink water. Run. Exercise.

    Pop some Niacin pills while your at it.
  4. i think he meant stop smoking weed lol
  5. Whats been said already is what you need to do.

    Stop smoking and exercise.
  6. what the fuck, rehab for weed? Haha I can't imagine that, I bet everyone who gets tossed in rehab for weed gets released rather quickly as it is not a addictive substance and easy to get off of.
  7. Its a 90 day program im realy not trien to go...
  8. Tolerance?

    1. Drink lots of water.
    2. Exercise!
    3. Stay Hydrated.
    4. Time.
  9. Dude just stop smoking it will lower by itself.
  10. my test is this friday
  11. Well it will still be lower than the last time you where tested. When was the last time you smoked?
  12. The day after the first test last tuesday and again on saterday.
  13. There's your problem.

    Stop smoking, or sub the test with someone else's clean piss.
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    My friends dad taught me this trick and it's worked for me twice when i had to pass a drug test to get a job. Go to your local supermarket and buy a box of fruit preservative (the stuff that prevents fruit from turning brown) pour the preservative into a bottle of water and chug it. (Tastes nasty as fuck) Continue to drink a bottle or two of water an hour for 8 hours leading to your test but stop 2 hours or so before before or else your test will come back diluted which has happened to me in the past when trying other methods. This worked for me and I never had to stop smoking daily, thankfully!
  15. ive got a buddy in the military who uses the certo method (^^the fruit preservative hes talking about). mix it in one of the big things of lemon/lime gatorade and it doesnt taste bad at all. then just keep drinking water, supposedly after your first to pisses youll be clean for awhile.

    how often were you smoking before your last test? and depending on how skinny/fat you are thatll come into play
  16. my method to get thc out of me is either lots of water or cranberry juice, if you have a treadmill at your house or have a gym pass, run on the treadmill for a while, continously drinking fluids. I guarantee this will take away most (if not all) of the thc of your system. I also heard about the fruit preservative, I am not sure if that works, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.
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    get powder pre-workout stuff at GNC, they usually contain metabolic boosters and niacin which will flood it out of your system faster.

    suggestions: C4, AMI 4X powder, NO-XPLODE, 1MR, Jack3D, Pump HD, EPIQ power.
    note: pills take longer to take effect so try for powder

    ps, when on these, dont try and get high, you will only get 1/2 effect at best. it will feel like your not getting high. you can try and smoke again 4 hours after drinking.

  18. I think his probation is over by now. Check the thread date. :p :smoke:
  19. less marijuana consumption

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