How can I live practically for free?

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  1. I'm gonna be moving out pretty soon. I was just wondering of the way I can do that for pretty cheap. I dont want a big place. Just big enough to fit a place to sleep and some clothes and essentials. Eventually mabey building bigger. I was thinking about buying an empty lot and just like building a big shed sized thing. If anyone knows of ways I can do this? Also how much does an empty lot cost? or mabey other places I could build besides and empty lot? mabey out in the woods or something. If theres anyone whose tried this i would love your help.
  2. Instead of renting an empty lot, why not just rent an apartment in a bad neighborhood?
  3. wanna live good? you gotta play the game =/
  4. become a monk. they pretty much live for free.
  5. I know but I dont want to live in a bad neighbourhood, more of a secluded area. I just want to live in my own place. Also I dont want to rent I want to buy it. Me and like 3 friends where just thinking about building a shed each where we can put beds in and some other stuff.
  6. Check out this book, might give you some ideas

    [ame=] Possum Living: How to Live Well Without a Job and with (Almost) No Money (9780982053935): Dolly Freed, David Gates: Books[/ame]
  7. Check out the documentary "Streets of Plenty"
  8. Would ya live in Detroit?

    Own it for $99

    Lol, im sure its not the best area but hey....

    But for real, u can buy empty lots in big cities for like $100
    Then put up a storage shed and call urself overnight security.

    Not the best life, but I've lived in crazy places, I once lived in a mall for a few months...real talk

    Edit; lol, stoned forgot the link
  9. become dont have to pay rent to live in a box if you didn't already know

    learn how to build wicked box forts and watch man v wild for how to insulate em
  10. how the fuck do you live in a mall? just crash in the tempur pedic store? haha
  11. Buy a conversion van or a pickup w/ a bed camper, transportation & habitation all wrapped into one slow, ugly machine. N buy a gun cuz ur gonna see some weird shit on the road and you might have to kill & eat a squirrel or too.
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    Lmao..Naw, my homie was the manager of the arcade, I slept either upstairs in the storage area, or under the skeeball. I would trade prizes from the arcade with friends at Chic Fil A for coupons to get free nuggets and chicken sandwiches. I fucked a girl at the pizza place and got free pizza. Homies at the theatre would let me in for free movies and give me the hotdogs and popcorn and stuff that was getting 'old' it was a fresh life

    At times it would be boring as fuck tho. After u saw all the movies, played all the games (freeplay or free tokens), and using Books-a-Million as a library. But many many chicks did I hook up with back then. I've fucked girls in access corridors, behind the arcade, theatre, taco johns, in the parking lots. And on the bubblewrap up stairs....

    Doja....the ultimate Mallrat :)
  13. I think I've figured out what I'm going to do. Im going to find someplace in the woods not to far in but enough so that nobody will say anthing. Then Im going to either build a small house or just buy a premade shed. Then Ill get a window airconditioner. Ill prob save up like 5,000 dollars. Heres what Im thinking about doing: The Tiny Life , Archive » Living in a Shed?
    mabey if I can save up more I might buy an empty lot. Split the cost between me and 3 freinds and well each have one of them.
  14. OP..could also hook up with the Rainbow Family if you don't mind hippies. Did that for a while in a kitchen, stay high and alot of psychedelic adventures
  15. $1 for the first month in Public Storage. Sure, there's no bathroom or anything else there except for air conditioning but who needs that shit anyway?
  16. ^^bucket in the corner
  17. Start working and get rent a house or apartment, don't be a lazy fucker. If you want to get anywhere you have to work.
  18. The YMCA has showers, bathrooms, and other facilities. I was just talking about that since I just left the gym at the Y and we were talking about being homeless.
  19. Pr0nz always worked for me.

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