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  1. So I posted a similar thing in the Hydroponic section but I wondered if anyone here could also help.

    This is my first ever Hydroponic grow. I’m a long time coco grower.

    Here’s a little info on the grow

    Strain: sensi seeds white label Purple bud

    Light- “600w” LED That actually pulls 140w

    Fans - 1 exhaust and 1 6inch clip on

    Temperature- 72-77
    Humidity- 50% - 60%

    Nutrients - GH Trio , AN B52 and Epsom salts

    I have had issues with this grow as for whatever reason the amount of sulfur in my FloraBloom wasn’t sufficient and I suffered a sulfur deficiency(rare I know) but I fixed it about 2 weeks ago with some Epsom salt.
    The plant is just recovering from that so I have a few three fingered leaves and some discolouration but it’s slowly recovering.

    This isn’t going to be a great yielder, I know because I only have 13 weeks to finish up before I move house so I have flipped to 12/12. Ideally I should have given her more time to recover and fill out the scrog but the deficiency really slowed down growth

    Along to the next issue I had/have.

    My roots are brown. I don’t think they are slimey or have a bad smell on them though (smells like soil??) so I’m not sure. I’ve been told B52 can discolour roots. I do have some white new root growth coming in though.

    If you need some photos with better lighting let me know.

    IMG_0028.JPG IMG_0029.JPG IMG_0030.JPG IMG_0031.JPG

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  2. Q:How can I improve: This is my first ever Hydroponic grow. I’m a long time coco grower.

    A: never change your MO(method) until you have thoroughly understood

    the current method you are using, otherwize you will jump from one grow method

    to the other each time blaming the plant...method..etc anything but your own faults

    fixing Sulfur def. with Mg. sulfate ain't no cure as you will see in time

    study more is a good start

    good luck
  3. What's the temperature of your rez? Do the roots smell bad?
  4. Root rot start over or throw them in soil they will recover in soil . Sm 90 and hydro guard for your next try . Dwc isn't easy. Honeltly it's fun but can break your heart. Soil or whatever is forgiving . Hydro is not

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  5. Many people are just too darn skimpy with their air. I use a 1050gpm pump between 6 buckets but most of the time like right now I only have 4 hooked to it. That's about 250gph per bucket and it's about just the right amount. I see people using like 80gph and it's no wonder you have issues.

    The other thing is there's two approaches to a successful DWC res. Sterile or beneficial microbes. If you ignore this aspect of the grow you will probably have root issues eventually. If you don't supply the proper root microbes you roll the dice that the right ones will develop to keep the res clean.

    One of the other keys to success is enzymes. They help dissolve dead organic material in the root zone so the good bacterial microbes you put in there can eat it up.

    The 4 things for good healthy roots in hydro: A good bacterial root zone innoculant like botanicare hydroguard, a good enzyme like barley based pond clarifier/hygrozyme or cannazyme, plenty of air, and a good silica supplement like GH armor si or Botanicare silica blast.
  6. Check these out. Bam!
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  7. Very Nice T-Bone
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  8. People may think that was a finished plant. That was actually a plant at about 2 weeks in flower. It filled up the bucket weeks before that.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I am not doing hydro again. Going back to coco after the one flowers haha.

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  10. Coco is hydro brother - just a different type. :)
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  11. I know what you’re saying but coco is far easier for me than DWC. This grow was just an experiment really. I’m not going to put her in soil or throw her away. I still have faith I will get a nice bit of smoke from her. Only time shall tell. But for now I am going to keep the the res temps down.

    I have just popped two seeds and they are in coco. So keep an eye out for that grow journal
  12. I used to used cannazyme in the rez but I noticed after a while I got major root discolouration . When I stopped using it my roots started to recover?

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