How can i identify sativa or indica

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gr0wer, May 10, 2003.

  1. I have been growing for 3 weeks from seeds out of a bag and i would like to know how and when i can identify if my plants are a sativa, indica or a mix. Thanks!
  2. Indica leaves are broad and wide while Sativa leaves are long and skinny.
  3. Also, from what I understand, there are virtually no pure sativas or indicas left kicking. Everything is crossbred and shares a bit of each. "Sativa or indica dominant" is probably the question.

    Vatoloco is right on about the leaf difference.

  4. Also, Indicas tend to be bushier and shorter with wider darker green broader leaves with tight nugs. While Sativa is tall and skinny and lighter colored finger like leaves and sparse flowers. Sativas tend to take a while germinating while Indicas are faster. Sativas also take forever to mature when flowering while Indicas have a much less shorter period.

    And I agree about there not being any pure Indicas or Sativas. My plant has attributes of both. Its kinda tall but then its beginning to bush out at every node, The leaves are broad and kinda long and the color is a moderate green. But it smells good hehehe

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  5. yeah, alot of plants now are hybrids... showing qualities of both the parent plants involved. Sativas are generally taller than indicas, have narrow blades, don't have dense colas(nuggs), and are a lighter green, due to them being found more predominately in equatorial regions, they don't need as much cholorophyll. Idica's are usually shorter in height, have broad, dark green blades, and the buds are usually compact. Sativas take longer to flower than indicas. Sometimes taking as long six months! While most indicas mature in significantly shorter times... about seven to nine weeks. But I think the best why to tell what kind of pot you have is by the kind of high you get from smoking it. Sativas are more on the upside of the spectrum. While indicas tend to lean towards the couch. I like the uppers myself. Much more enjoyable I think, but I like the indicas too. Alot of the breeding has been done to get the best of both sides. Trying to capture the spirit of the sativa high, while harnessing the shorter flowring times of the indica, all while keeping the thc count high. Whenever i purchase it, i always ask about the high.. it's all about the high. But knowing what got you there and the genetics behind it all the more interesting. Another way to find out if yours is a cross... is to take the seeds of the pot and grow them out... more than likely, the sibling plants won't be uniform... i started three pairs of seeds, and each pair didn't resemble it's sister or brother. i;ve got one that's bright green, and long like a sativa, and it's sister is short and dark. But they are both beautiful. and both from the same nug. So really you don't know until it's grown and mature, just don't forget to take clones if you happen across that one plant that blows your mind.

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